A thing that will never happen re: public stash tabs

would be nice if you could use "all items priced the same" and still be able to give the tab a name that is useful to you as a player.

e.g. I have a bunch of stuff in my chaos recipe tabs, but, hey, i'm not so good at pricing/PCing stuff. so ... maybe someone wants to buy something in there for 1c or whatever. right now my only options are:

- change tab name to something that is no longer accurate for me, the primary user. (e.g. ~b/o 1 chaos)

- price every single item individually.

neither very appealing.


speaking as a dev who's done his share of "bolt-on" fixes in his career...

keep using the bolt-on long enough, and you eventually reach a point where you wish you just did it "right" in the first place. ;D
Last bumped on Apr 21, 2017 3:36:50 PM
I would highly appreciate that.

Couldnt find anything on the forums if this is possible at the moment.
Don't necro a thread from 6 months ago lol.

There has been plenty of discussion about this. You can add other things to the name of a tab that has ~b/o 1c as its name. For example I have ~b/o 1c #1, b/o 1c #2, etc. for ease of finding things when someone whispers for it. The reason, AFAIK, that the "~b/o 1c" has to remain in the name of the tab is that this is how indexers recognize the pricing...
Ok, thx. Didnt find anything in google and in the forum on the first two pages.
Just this thread. So i thought it would be a good idea.

If I understand you right:

It shows me indiviually priced if i change the name. But (like your example) all items are still 1c?
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Worked, thx.

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