[2.4] RetchBreath CWDT Chaos Damage Build

Hi All,

This isn't really a full blown build guide.
More just to quickly show off what I managed to achieve, and serve as an archive, since I'm about to respec the character.

This is playwise very similar to the standard Zerphi's Scold's Builds.
However, mine has a fair few more complex interactions to achieve a, hopefully, much higher damage output.

Please see below a pre-written explanation I wrote on reddit when asked about the build.
Decided to write it up while at work, for those who can't wait. (I've had several people ask now). Keep in mind, this is currently only Standard viable, due to some uniques not yet available in new leagues. It's possible to do this build, with less effectiveness however, without them. Note however it would be incredibly dangerous. Do note, even with the correct gear, I kill myself all the time due to stupidity and not paying attention. As I've played it more and more, I've become better at it, and I have an AHK overlay that tells me when my flasks around about to run out to help me sustain these at all times. (I press 1, it creates a 16 Second Timer that I can see on screen, change colours etc as it lowers to warn me.)
The idea was, I wanted to find a way to take advantage of the Retch's damage output, and turn it into a true 200% More multiplier. After a fair bit of a research, I settled on the best way to do this would be via a Scold's build. Everytime I try explain this, I always forget something, due to the sheer complexity of the interactions between uniques and passives. So check back here for any edits if something seems off. But I should be able to fully explain it this time around.
To start, we'll go with the passive tree. My goal was to allow as much Life, AND ES as possible. The amounts of each are entirely tweakable, currently I'm sitting on 5k HP and 3K ES. (Tweakable via Energy from Within Jewels). You'll see I get 7 Jewels sockets, and this is very important, for the Fevered Minds, and the Corrupted Energy. You'll notice I get these keystones: Elemental Equilibrium, Mind Over Matter, Elemental Overload, Pain Attunement (Because why not), Ghost Reaver, and lastly Vaal Pact. With the Ascendancy I use all 8 Points and get the Cloaked in Savagery and Aspect of Carnage paths. In my tree, I run 6 Fevered Minds, and 1 Corrupted Energy.
The tree is not the most optimal, and as you level and gain more spare points, you would rework certain areas for more Jewel Sockets. I'm currently level 86.
The important gear I have is: Scold's Bridle, The Retch, The Harvest, Zerphi's Last Breath, Apep's Rage in Off-hand and in total, have 5 corrupted items equipped.
For map clearing, I use Lightning Warp, I can in Gorge keep moving via Warp and not stop, and everything dies around me. For strongers maps, I would likely swap to the Harvest and just run around and manually cast Flameblast with my 60% move speed, or 75% I can't remember right now.
Flameblast is mechnically the most important spell to use, as it allows full utilization of this theorycraft. My Flameblast costs me around the 355 Mana mark. I cast it like 7.14 times per second or something, doing around 12k dps to myself.
The way this plays out is like so: I cast Flameblast, I take roughly 1.5k Damage, I have 5 Corrupted Items equippred, so Corrupted Energy applies, I take 50% of the damage to my 3k ES, and 50% of the damage to my 5k Life. 30% of the 50% to life is now done to my Mana. Cloaked in Savagery now procs, I now have global 100% Leech, which is instant due to Vaal Pact. I also now have 0 Mana. I use Zerphi's breath (once, until 16seconds later). This process repeats once more, and then my CWDT spells go off. Doing damage at various paces, hitting various enemies, all while healing my ES for the amount of damage they deal via Ghost Reaver, and then applying 200% Chaos Damage via the Retch. Due to the fact I'm still casting Flameblast, my ES will be depleted before it is fully healed and thus the cycle repeats, but I never stop leeching. EO and EE will trigger due to the vast amount of spells I have and their proc setup.
I think I got it all. Note, this isn't fully optimal. I'm using a Levelled BLood Magic, in a 5L Harvest. I did the math, with perfect gear at THIS level, I should be able to reach I believe it was 32k Damage per second to myself (although I think that took Blood Magic costs into consideration). The idea would be to use Level 21, 20 and 19 CWDT gems to also spread out the casts etc. As we would be hitting the 250ms cooldown limits, but also we'd want to make sure our ES never fully heals etc. I don't know the True Potential with min-maxed gear and skill tree. But I imagine it could facetank Uber Atziri (except her max flameblast). I know that right now it easily tanks normal Atziri, including her Mirror version in Split Phase.

Gear used:

Recommended tree for maximum Fevered Mind usage:

Highest EHP

Alternative for more jewels:

IGN: Ikbosh
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