[2.4] Rigwalds Revenge - Part2 - Melee's not Dead - Lacerate DWielder


after posting my first Rigwald Revenge Build many month ago, I felt its time to polish that build and make it 2.4 ready. Still its only playable in standard because of the two unique weapons from the talisman league, which gives the build its cool name btw. ;)

First some stats:
I went Crit this time, so I got over 28% Crit Chance and around 318% CritDMG
56k DPS with Auras and Golem, getting over 100k with all charges and flasks
5100 Life, all Res capped, 2.8% Life Leech in total
50% Blockchance also for spells

Pics say more than words:






Yah I know. Pretty much expensive but you get at least a melee build that can do most bosses. ;)

Right know I killed UberLab Izaro, Atziri (Double Vaal and Trio was a Joke), most T11-T13 Bosses.
Only Rigwald himself left me down. T15 Dark Forest Map was a nightmare :(

Last Section:
Gems and Jewels

Lacerate - MultiStrike - added Fire - added MeleePhysDMG - crit Dmg - ConcEffect
WarChief - FasterAttacks - MeleePhys - Added Fire (gives around 38KDps)

CWDT - IncDuration - ImmortalCall - IceGolem
HoI - CoH - Enlight - AsassinsMark
Enlight - Hatred - Portal

LeapJump - Fortify - FasterAttacks

Jewels I took only 2 notes for Jewels with Mainly Life, Mana and CritDMG. You can add Res of course if needed.


Gladiator with
1) Outlast
2) Grat. Violence
3) Painforged
4) Versatile Combat

Did I forget something? Sorry, Vids I am not used to make some. ;) But You can visit me Ingame and have a look if you want.

If more Info is needed, pls just ask.
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why not whirling blades?
Maybe I switch to WB. Right now I like to jump on different levels in Maps.
And what about bandits?
delenatoro wrote:
And what about bandits?

To your likings: Point - Point - Point or: HP, Resis to cap, AttackSpeed and also Frenzy is ok.
wouldnt crit be wasted since you only have 28% wouldn't RT just be better

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