AsStarforge 2h Crit Lacerate 2.4

Hi, this is my first build ever, PLEASE give me feedback :)

Since the release of the new sword Starforge, I have been planning a build which I can finally share with you after some testing with it. I'm currently only level 88, so I still have a lot to learn and improve, but I will update this guide whenever I find improved ways to build this fantastic character!

[/Bandits] : Oak/Oak/Alira

Jewels :

Anything with 2H Sword or Global
-Attack Speed
-Crit Chance
-Crit Multiplier
-Physical damage

Gem Setups :

CWdt setup :
Cwdt/Immortal Call/Increased duration/Ice Golem

Lacerate setup: I wouldn't recommend anything under 6l, but just in case you don't mind sucking...
4L Lacerate/Multistrike/Melee phys.dmg/Faster Attacks/
5L+Inc. AoE
6l+Inc. Crit. Strikes

Gearing :
Prefered bases for each slot :
Belt : Phys%/Life/Armour+Evasion
Amulet : Onyx/Agate
Ring : diamond or any Resist ring if needed to cap
Boots/Helm : anything with Evasion or Armour

Enchantments :
12% AoE Lacerate/40% Lacerate dmg/60% Lacerate crit
I'll go more in depth about those later.

Life/Mana leech, Attack/Cast Speed

Anything with Physical dmg, avoid Elemental dmg ones since you are using Starforge.

Videos :

Leveling tips :

Avoid Lacerate until you are level 69 I would say since at that point you will be able to use Starforge and have decent attack speed which is vital with Lacerate to feel good.

You can use Warchief Totem/Sunder then Earthquake/Facebreakers or anything that you like that scales with physical damage.

Avoid any Critical strike nodes and focus on life and physical damage ones until you are level 65+

Flasks :

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