2.4 [WIP] Razor of the Seventh Sun Chieftan Ancestral Warchief

Greetings y'all!

Been working on this build for a week or so. After playing a somewhat glass cannon build with my Windripper Inquisitor, i figured it was time to try and make a build with a bit more sustain, and i decided to try out Razor of the Seventh Sun.

The build idea:


My initial thoughts of the sword was to go ham on the ignite on the tree and from Chieftan, and hope that would be enough. What i quickly found out was, that you dont really need a lot of ignite. Im currently sitting at 20% chance to ignite, and because the totems attack as fast as they do, they will ignite. Once they do, the mobs will melt - fast. Even if they dont ignite, the mobs will still die quite fast.

Skill Tree


Here is my skill tree.


The last points in ascendencay will go to either "Tukohama, War's Herald", or "Ramako, Sun's Light". I havent decided yet.

I can post screenshots of offense and defense if you like. Currently with buffs in hideout im at 20k dps, and with totem up im at 25k

My defense comes from stacking armour, and having a lot of leech from my totems. I'm rarely dipping below 50%, if i do, its my own fault.

Current Gear



The item I made the build around, so of course, they are kinda mandatory :)


Devoto's Devotion is a solid choice. The swords doesn't have that much attack speed, so getting from anywhere possible is good. Abyssus is an option, but i haven't gotten one yet.


Belly of the Beast is a solid solid option. Currently running T9-10 with a 5L (6th link would probably be Faster Attacks)

The Brass Dome would be an option, and probably BiS.


Attack speed, life, res. Nothing special.


High life, tri-res if you can (movement speed is not mandatory since im using whirling blades, but a nice quality of life thing to have)


Got a good roll on the new belt. Anything else with armour roll is fine, with high life and res.

Rings and amulet:

Life, phys damage, res and mana regen.


Obviously, Taste of Hate is a must. Almost got enough currency to buy one, and it will be a huge damage boost to the build.

Let me know if you got any questions, comments, or anything. I love the sword, and really wanna here what you guys think of my build idea(s)

Thanks for reading!
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probably late but i think building the sword around degen would probably works better... u know, ignites, bleed n poison... all three degen effects...

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