[2.4, EHC] Asta's DW Crit Sword Gladiator [120k+ Cleave, 60k+ Lacerate][Vids]

Hey ho,

its melee time after they made those huge buffs!
Just throwing some basics about this build into the room, since i got asked several times now about some more details. Its not going to be a very deep guide at the moment.

The core is a Dual Wielding build using Scaevia in off-hand and grabbing all those juicy crit nodes on the right side of the tree. Block is covered via an additional layer of 13k Evasion and the strong Ascendancy node "Outmatch and Outlast", which gives me an addition 22% flat reduction of incoming damage (at max of 3 Endu charges). Last but not least, im using Fortify in my main Skill (and movement skill of course) which reduces damage by further 20%. Since i thought this is not going to be enough, i added VP, which means on a good crit build: Even if there are is some damage coming through your defences, you'll leeching it back.


- Reflect ?
Needs a 6L, swap Inc Crit Strikes for Phys2Lightning for the map mod. The reflect on Rares is no problem.

- Weaknesses ?
All kind of Dots

- Map Lab ?
Swap out Vaal Pact, Hatred for Vitality and Master of the Arena. Buy a shield with Leo's "Reduced Damage taken from over time effects". Manage your Endu Charges! It helps a lot

- Blood Rage ?
Just little boost if i suck too much damage.

- Is VP necessary ? I like my Regen
Regen is crap. You need VP!

- Options regarding Spell Block ?
You can cap it without Rumis via: Stone of Lazhwar or Reckless Defences. Both reducing your survivability (+DPS).

- Belly over Coil, QoFT ?
They have all 3 their strenght: Coil got more EHP against Phys attacks/spells (less against Elemental Attacks), QoFT against Elemental attacks. Belly is just the best allround chest since it provides you with higher HP pool.

- Weapns ?
High APS high Crit in Main, Scaevia (always!) in off hand

- Cleave, Reave, Lacerate ?
Cleave is too close on mobs for me. I dislike the stack handling of Reave, thus i took Lacerate

- No immortal Call, are you a silly idiot?
I played a while with IC setup, having all 3 Enducharges permanently up just felt a lot better.

- Why no more frenzy/endu charges?
They are too situational. Its also easier to get to max endu charges for the 10% bonus of Outmatch and Outlast (same for Frenzy charges)

- What can i do if i cant effort Enlighten Level 3?
Option a) Add Heral of Ash for Hatred
Option b) Remove the one handed damage node in the Shadow tree and skill into charisma

Gear (Ruby Ring and Heavybelt are Self found, the rest did cost around 7 Ex):


Note: I will add a Rumi's at some point for the Silver flask

Passive (Oak, kill all, kill all)


Leveling Trees:
41 Points (Level 35 (+7 passive points), end of normal difficulty)

68 Points (Level 54(+15 passive points), end of cruel difficulty)

90 Points (Level 68 (+23 passive points), end of merciless difficulty)

102 Points (Level 80 (23 passive points, end of tier white))

Offence (5 Link)

Cleave (3 Frenzy Charges)

Lacerate (3 Frenzy Charges) (Note: The cross section DPS is multiplied with 2)

Defence (without the +8 from Ascendancy tree)


T9 Crypt (Vulnerability, less Reco, EE, Exiles)

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask here. Going to check it from time to time!


Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

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Hallo Astarte,

nice build! How far did you pushed it into maps? (At least T9 obviously)

Is there a Way to fit in a Brigner as "Budget" or SC option? (My suggestion tho)

ps: I'll add this tho the Buildlist.
█▀▀▌ █▌█▀▀▀ █▀▀▌█▄░▌
█▀▀█ █▌▀▀▀█ █░░▌█▀▌▌
█▄▄▌ █▌█▄▄█ █▄▄▌█░█▌
Im playing T10-12 atm. Didn't had the luck to drop any T13 (my atlas is also only at 75%). Just did the video on a T9, 'cuz its damn laggy sometimes recording vid's (Using Filmora)

You can always wear a bringer if you can compensate the life and res. Since BoR provides little life and solid flat phys, you can remove some damage nodes and skill into more life nodes.

I dont use BoR, 'cuz i wanted to test the new Essences. 6L chest clean is dirt cheap and the new Essences are very promising. Just yesterday i did it with around 100C:

The new system is pretty damn nice; you dont even need much luck/currency to archieve a decent chest piece. In comparison, 6L Belly will cost 1200 Fusings in average + the price for the item itself ;)
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Trying out this build at the moment on Hardcore. Wish me luck! :D
Enjoy :)
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

At level 93 i switch to an offhand stat stick (Im 94 now with that setup).

DPS with lacerate is around 65k with that setup and i gained additional block chance using:

Ignore your tooltip if you use a dagger in offhand, its not correct. IF you want to know your dps, go to offence sheet:

((min_combined_dmg + max_combined_dmg)/2)

its almost acurate. The APS is not 100% correct, if you just take the off sheet one.

If you want it 100% correct, you need to replace attacks_per_seconds with the following calculation:

(main_hand_aps+off_hand_aps)*0.5*x = attacks_per_second -> calculate x

Replace the attacks_per_second in the long formula by:


This is more accurate then.
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

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how you sustain mana?
I got the mana leech nodes in the duelist area! (0.4% mana/life leech combined)
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Could you post a leveling tree step by step?
tenme1 wrote:
Could you post a leveling tree step by step?


Gonna add maybe a road map during the day, since im not motivated to do the passive tree new each time an update arrived.
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

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