[2.4 WIP] Spark Raider Build Idea Looking For Feedback :)

Hello all! Last league I really enjoyed ZiggyD's Spark Scion build (http://poeurl.com/LCN) And I recently started doing a homebrew Frenzy Raider bow build. Now that I'm looking around at these and the Raider Phasing & Onslaught passives I'm wondering if it'd be worth it.

I came up with this passive tree

This gives: (vs Spark Scion)

177% projectile damage (vs 143%)
132% max life (vs 198%)
243% evasion (vs 92%)
24% cast speed with all frenzy charges
25% evade melee
15% evade projectiles
42% chance to dodge attacks
40% chance to dodge spells
32% movement speed
7 Jewel Sockets (vs 5)
32% Resist All
90% Skill Effect Duration (vs same)

Spark Scion still has some passive damage nodes from Asdendant and +1 projectile which is quite strong for this build.

(this calculates having Onslaught and Phasing up, which would be anytime you're in combat)

For Gearing this build would require Voidwalker boots as it avoids all projectile pierce nodes and emphasizes Phasing.

For jewels, same as the Scion, will want projectile speed.

If this is viable I'm going to make this post into a full guide with videos and stuff. Seems legit, though I think Voidwalker is going to be extremely expensive so who knows. With that currency there is going to be a lot of options. Without Voidwalker you just won't have pierce options for awhile. (ouch) I'm live discussing this build if anybody wants to drop by :p
Last bumped on Oct 13, 2016, 1:07:09 AM
How far have you gotten with this build? I was wondering if it was HC viable, maybe going back to the 192% max health and getting acro/phase acro?

So I switched up your tree a little bit. I dropped one of the duration clusters, in favor of more life. As anything less that 150% is too little IMHO. Also I picked you up some mana and mana regen, as your tree had none. The mana sustain will be an issue later if you don't address it.

Also it has been a bit since you originally posted... did this work out or no?
Here's my Raider Sparker from before the nerf to sparks. It's still quite strong, I just can't run ele reflect maps anymore. I can still facetank uber izaro with it.



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