We've just released new microtransactions! Feel the power of the Bear Armour Set, travel to maps using the Shaper Portal Effect and enjoy the company of the Inua Totems pet in your journey through Wraeclast.

The Bear Armour Set comes in four individual pieces. Take a look at the separate videos for the Bear Body, Bear Helmet, Bear Boots and the Bear Gloves.
If you're looking to get some more points, we recommend checking out the Atlas of Worlds Supporter Packs. Thank you for the support!
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I like it
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Give the damn totems glowing eyes!

The totems even have the eyes in the picture on the store. False advertising until they actually have em.
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And I hear her now
And I'm nearer to
The Salvation Code"
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Looks good!
ay that portal
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When are the microtransactions from the darkness mystery box going to be added?
I just orgasmed.. That Bear Set is the best thing since Legacy Acuities..

(I have an unnatural love of all things Were-Bear.)
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Sweet portal
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the totems are adorable! Thanks for the purple portal, too.

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