[2.4 Theorycraft/Discussion] BM Mjolner + Cospri's Malice DW with Acro/PhaseAcro (Cool Shocker)

So, I had an idea, but since I have never played a trigger build before (shit laptop) thus I have no idea if it would work out. This will either be total crap or really really fun.

Idea: Basic Tree

Lots of Jewel sockets and can grab a lot more life. Needs a bit more stats but nothing unmanagable.

Cospri's Malice (Ice Nova, Vortex, Freeze Pulse)
Mjolner (Discharge, Arc, Shock Nova)
Voll's Devotion
Maybe Kingsguard
Maybe the Iron Will gloves
Maybe that Worm ring with Grace or Anger

(Legacy VoV for instant leech?)


Typical Mjolner MS setup


Cyclone - ICS - CoC - Moar Spells

cwdt AsiMark or WM if more leech is necessary

Please let me know your oppinion on this!


My Build Compendium: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1634158
Last bumped on Sep 8, 2016, 10:18:51 AM
i think your biggest problem will be getting that many stats on gear.

you need 174 strength and 56 dex from items.

i dont think you can get that many stats from gear and still cap resists and get a reasonable amount of life.

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