[GUIDE] Blade Vortex Assassin Shadow - [2.4] Atlas of Worlds


I guess I will update this with ideas and stuff as I go

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Now killed Uber lab and atziri and decided to update my progress with the build here -


Dagger or Wand - Spell damage, Multi, Crit chance for spells
Gear - ES, Resists, strength for leveling the CWDT Setup
Chest piece - 700+ ES Chest for mad shield, or you can go a carckass / Beast of the fur for the balance.

Ring - Essence worm with hatred makes capping resists hard but its worth it.
Amulet - Crit Chance, Multi, %ES
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Im now running Dual VB but unsure how this will handle t16, It feels a little squishy, maybe I need to get a vinktars for leech but its doing 160k DPS with conc effect and flasks but Im wayy to squishy for the super end game content, will have to see how to improve it.
Hi there, great build, just got a couple questions. If you use warlord, Hatred and Displine together, what will be the mana reservation? 70%*1.4=84% so i guess that would be really tricky to deal with the mana cost problem. Also you didnt take the CI and you didnt use the shavs, so chaos dmg could cause some problems. Also it will take 2 slots of your flasks. Maybe shavs is very expensive in Essence, so CI would be a nice choice, but in that way, it would be better to put an enlighten on the warlord and displine link.

Idk why to use the facebreaker, for its multiplier? maybe a 180-200es rare gloves would be more suitable. BTW, the vertex vaal mask may help to solve the aura mana problem. I guess the es pool still need to be increased in case of 1shot.

But if you can use shavs, you can drop the worm essence and run HOA and hatred on your blood pool.

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