[KMGL] Kill Mobs, Get Loot - Recruiting for STD/Abyss League

Hardcore gamers with just enough chill.
We hang out, we destroy, we have fun.
KMGL has been around since 2008 and has at least a small presence in many games.

1) Play video games.
2) Don't be an asshole.

Members: 20+ in PoE and growing
Stash Tabs: 35 and getting more all the time.
Leagues: Standard and Softcore Challenge leagues. Abyss League is hype!
Play-style: Helpful and relaxed, but we play hard. We are all veteran gamers, but a few are new to PoE.

Message me ingame: Aethroz

We are still growing and having a blast with these Abyss mobs.

Full Gem Vendor List - thread/1648122
KMGL Clan. discord.gg/A7f7ddc.
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Cool Guild. Been with them for about 4 years. Good group of people with a sense of humor.
Been playing with these folks for about a month now, very good group they have here. Came for the loot, stayed for the laughs
Hey, Im still new to the game, I've been playing for about a month but I'd love an invite to this guild.

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add me if u can, poe is madricks
If you have space on your guild, I'd like to join you!

IGN Manny_Fasthands
I'd like to join please
I'd like to join your guild please! IGN: Reflexshooter
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