[2.3][RIP 2.4] Mjolner Juggernaut 12x Grand Spectr / Dual Curse / [UBER ATZIRI/LAB OK]

Hi all,

I wanted to make a multi Grand Spectrum Build using a Mjolner with of course a Juggernaut.

As the Mjolner became a trash item i want to make it useable by using Grand Spectrum Elemental jewels.

Problem to solved:
1)The major problem of this build is to have enough points in the tree to have the DEX/STR/INT requirements for Mjolner and green gems.
2) Second problem is the budget because this build require specifics uniques like Volls Devotion, Mjolner, Romiras Banquet and of course the Grand Spectrum which cost a lot. Others are just optionals but recommended for full efficiency.

My actual level is 92 and the gear is the following:

I use Flammability + Elemental Weakness to make max dps to resistant mobs, see below the maths for elemental resistance of monsters:
Flammability -44% +10% from Blasphemy = 48%
Elemental Weakness -44% + 30% from Enchant + 10% from Blasphemy = 61.6%
Total elemental mobs reduction =
- 109.6 fire resistance
- 61.6 Lightning and cold resistance

Build in maps :
- I made a try in Wasteland T13 and i one shotted Voll is a sec.
- Atziri is a joke, i one shot her and every boss in less than a second
- I made also one round of Uber Lab easily and Uber Atziri with some stupid deaths on last boss and with mobs but successful.

5 links Kingsguard Chest is recommended to use Molten Strike with Fortify, it is the better way to cast with Mjolner, best for single target:

3 links on Mjolner, here a lot of solutions, but it is mandatory to have double discharge and the third one for different situation. I use AoE gem for packs and Conc Effect for bosses like Atziri or T12+ difficult bosses> But most of the time the dps is so high that no need to switch gems.

3 links on Shield to use Shield charge your best friend for clear speed, best for maps pack one shot

First 4 links, Auras. Best aura is blasphemy linked to Flammability or Elementantal Weakness curse, after i chose Grace or Arctic Armour (if dual curse) to help on defences but you can choose Haste to improve attack/movement speed. I use also Enlighten but is not mandatory because sustaining mana is easy if you have the enchantements leech on boots. Enlighten is mandatory only if u go for dual curse.

1)Tree max dps:

2)Tree x12 Grand Spectrum, more defences and attack speed:

3)Tree x12 Grand Spectrum + dual curse:

If you have questions or suggestions, dont hesitate to post on thread, i will make my best to answer you !
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Bump with gear and final tree
You do realize that fire pen will make you do more damage against targets that have fire resistance (like bosses), right?
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zSavage wrote:
You do realize that fire pen will make you do more damage against targets that have fire resistance (like bosses), right?

Yes i know this but for me it is more convenient to use CONC and IAoE because the clear speed is faster and if i need more damage i just switch to CONC fast. I tried also with Fire penetration and the dps is better. But anyway the dps is so good already that i don t need it and oi can keep the flexilibity with the AoE.

Actually the only problem is the Mjolner itself which not as good has it was before nerf, so i can be damaged a lot before casting discharge. I think GGG should change the nerf on Mjolner and making more casting % (50/60%) and adding something to reduce the damage, it will be much more convenient.
bump for update with dual curse
RIP 2.4...

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