Introducing New Base Items

The Atlas of Worlds expansion introduces eleven new base types that are only available from specific maps and are themed around areas of the Atlas. Each new base type unlocks new opportunities for crafting and uniques, as well as providing direct upgrade paths for some existing base types that diminish in usefulness early in the game. Today we're unveiling just five of these new base types.

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Grinding Gear Games
SO PUMPED! (I'm second? That's a first ;) )
The Fey will never lose, as one of their members, Chap, has taken it upon himself to right their wrongs and see to it that Liesel and Magiere are safe.
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is awesome!
ign slashzilla
"Buy when there is blood on the streets, even if the blood is your own."
Slashzilla Reave Guide-
Most hillarious
Can't wait to craft these! Go on, show us the other four :D
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yay new stuff
new bases hyyyyyyyype

edit: wow those are really pretty powerful :O
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fingerless gloves lel

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