[2.3] Pure Poison Bladefall - MoM (UPDATED)

Hi there,

I would like to hear some opinions about this build:

6L: Bladefall - Spell Echo - Poison - Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Conc Effect

3L: Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark - Clarity
4L: CWDT lvl 10 - Immortal Call - Inc Duration - Chaos Golem
4L: CWDT - GMP - Arctic Breath - Enfeeble
3L: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Mind Over Matter
Arctic Armour?

Gear (not sure yet)
Cloak of Flames (15% extra physical reduction) or high armour chest

Oak - Oak - Oak

Ascendancy (in order)
Weave of the Arcane
Patient Reaper
Walk the Aether
Swift Killer

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Thanks.

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Added lvl 80 and lvl 100 Passive trees
A few comments

- You are reserving 70% mana, and trying to sustain a 6l with fast cast and echo. MoM is not a good idea. If you can even sustain just off warlords mark, you will be low on mana, and when you take a hit will be OOM.

- Though with the increased duration you are taking, you can possibly chain vaal clarity. Still not convinved MoM is worth on 70% reservation without heavily investing in mana though.

- Cospri's Will could be an idea, you could drop poison for void manipulation then.

- Not sure about Divinarius for a non crit build. Breath of the council (assuming Prophecy) could be an idea, but couldn't use whirling blades then.

- Temp chains may be better for you than Enfeeble, gives decent survivabilty plus also increases your poison stacks.

- If you can afford the life loss (And you are taking a bit on the tree), and can cap resists elsewhere, at least one Ming's Heart would be nice.
Thanks Carlovski for your comment.

I was also worried about having very little mana to support MoM. Who knows, maybe the mana regen and Clarity supported by Blood Magic could be enough...

What do you think about picking up Eldritch Battery and MoM? I could leave 30% mana unreserved and have around 2000 Energy Shield. We could use Temporal Chains instead of Enfeeble and drop momentarily Skill Duration nodes. We could also drop Swift Killer and Weave of the Arcane for Ghost Dance and Shade Form.

The build could look something like this:

Does it look better now?

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EB would certainly make MOM a bit more sustainable, but not sure how you are going to regen your ES?
Would need Zealot's Oath for regen, or Ghost reaver for leech (And then no life leech).

If you go ZO, then restless ward becomes more appealing though - could even look at running a kaom's way for an extra endurance charge and %regen.

Clarity + mana regen, with the trickster bonuses should be enough to sustain (Might need a bit of regen on gear) - maybe pop vaal clarity for boss fights. But still, for MOM to be worthwhile, I think you need to be reserving less mana than you are. Maybe drop a blasphemy curse?
I kinda like more that idea. We could drop Enfeeble or Temporal Chains and only have Warlord's Mark for Endurance Charges. I could use Cloak of Flames for extra 15% physical reduction along with Endurance charges, 5% life regen and Immortal Call should be enough to deal with physical and reflect damage. I will add Righteous Decree.

This build could look something like:

Switching to Hierophant could be interesting - though I have zero experience of them though!
Passive tree updated

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