【2.3】ViViiiii's Temporal Chains Posion Miner 6 million One -Shot Damage At LvL70 Occultist (HC/SC)

Welcome everyone,I am going to work on this guidance.

First of all , thanks for those two great guidance, I have got lots of helps from their great work .

There are links for their guidance.
Posted by conflargate

Posted by Madzak

2.3 Prophecy League
This build was design for My first prophecy hardcore player,since I was died at level 62 Killed by trap(lab). I can back play prophecy league and try to finish my build here.

This build is based on three fundamental ideas

I. Temporal Chains

“Hit and Run is one of the best defense style in this game”
Be able to achieve this play style , I started to build a charter have a very good damage per hit and can remaining 75% slower Temporal Chain to any bosses and monsters.
Temporal Chains is the most important core in this build
Everting in this build is supporting by temporal chain

What is slow means and how Temporal Chains works?

As we know form POE official wiki

Slow is a specific mechanic that modifies the speed at which an affected creature perform animations, and thus affects everything they do.Slow does not directly affect attack, cast and movement speed, or any other stats.

A creature can't be slowed below base values.There is no cap on slow, but more than 100% is redundant.

Temporal Chains is a spell that curses all targets in an area, slowing them and making all temporary effects on them expire slower.

1.The slow effect of Temporal Chains is capped at 75%.
2.Duration: Temporal Chains will make temporary effects pass more slowly than it normally would, including itself. The duration listed is already modified to take this into account, so the listed duration on the skill isn't actually changed. (note: The more slowly expiry is affected by modifiers, that increase or reduce the curse effect. The duration of Temporal Chains is calculated without these modifiers and can be changed this way). Damage over time debuffs will expire more slowly, but will cause the same amount of damage per second they normally would.[2]

So we want to have 75% slower on boss and monsters.
With 75% slower
1.We have 300% increased poison duration on the target and which mean we 8 seconds poison duration instead of 2 seconds with the same poison damage per second
So we have 4 times our total poison damage with one hit, this is way to strong because of most of our damage is coming from poison. ( like a 300% more poison damage modifier)
I will show your guys on the next part.

2.We can finally manage to achieve our “ hit and run” play style with this decent amount of slower.
75% Slower means bosses and monsters are moving ,casting /attacking,75% slower. Causing 4 times amount of time to finish the same action which gives us enough time to react and dodge.

I will put those good examples here soon.
Then your guys will see how 75% slower Temporal Chains works on

How to achieve 75% slower on boss?

Unique Boss has 60% reduce curse effect

Level 20 Quality+23% temporal chains gives us 42% slower

Passive tress gives us 40% increased curse effect

Blasphemy Quality +20% gives us 10% increased effect

Helm has 30% increased temporal chains effect

4 line skill

lvl20 Q23 Temporal chains+ lvl5 enhance(+1 lvl from helm)+Q20 Blasphemy


So actually the highest slower is 70% on boss in this build
And 70% slower temporal chains on the boss is the highest slower percent I know on this game so far. Glad to hear if someone could help me to achieve 75% slower temporal chains on the boss.

Sadly to found about the truth that I cannot reach cap, but 70% slower is still very decent.

We still have 233% increased our poison duration. (like a 233% more poison damage modifier

II. Damage increased/more also apply to Poison damage

As we know from POE Wiki

Poison is a debuff that deals chaos damage over time to the affected target.

The base damage per second dealt by a given application of poison equals 10% of the combined physical and chaos damage dealt by the hit which applied that particular instance of poison.[1]

As a damage over time effect, poison's damage can be affected positively or negatively by some damage stats. Notably, stats modifying spell damage and attack damage do not apply to poison as poison is not a spell or attack.[4] The following stats will directly affect the damage of poison; note that some of these stats apply only to the poison whereas some may also apply to the skill that triggered it:

Damage over Time
Poison Damage
Chaos Damage
Area Damage if applied by an area skill[5][6]
Projectile Damage if applied by a projectile skill[1]
Trap Damage if applied by a trap
Mine Damage if applied by a mine
Totem Damage if applied by a totem
Minion Damage if applied by a minion

We are using Bladefall Mine as our offensive skill.

First of all ,we need to understand how bladefall works.

Bladefall is a spell. It creates a rain of weapons in an area, dealing physical damage to enemies in a sequence of volleys, each wider but less damaging than the last. Enemies can be hit multiple times where these overlap.

Waves: casting the spell summons five cascading waves of blades, with each wave dealing damage once (6% less damage per wave after the first), and each falling one wave's width further than the last (there is no space in between waves where damage is not dealt). Enemies can be knocked back by this skill or others, allowing for the possibility of multiple hits. The first wave of the spell will always fall where the player points the cursor on cast.

Area of Effect: area of effect increases and decreases apply to both the lateral width of the waves and their thickness, essentially increasing potential DPS when reduced due to the constant size of enemy hitboxes.

So, If we can manage to hit a single target with all 5 waves bladefall.

Damage per bladefall = bladefall damage + bladefall damage*(1-6%) + bladefall damage*(1-6%)^2 +bladefall damage*(1-6%)^3+bladefall damage*(1-6%)^4

= baldefall damage*[1+(1-6%)+(1-6%)^2+(1-6%)^3+(1-6%)^4]

= bladefall damage*[1- (1-6%)^(4+1)]/[1-(1-6%)]

= bladefall damage*[1-92%^5]/[1-92%]

= bladefall damage*0.3409/0.08

= bladefall danage*4.2614

Then bladefall mine, is a mine,area, and spell skill

Any increased/more damage from Mine and Area Will apple to poison damage as the same

If we assume total increased/more damage from Mine and area is X

Damage modifier only apple to bladefall is a( like physical and spell damage)

Damage modifier only apple to poison is b( like Poison damage and damage over time)

Poison damage duration is T

Bladefall damage is Y

We can have 9 maximum mines at the same time.

Each bladefall hit all 5 waves on the same target.

Our total damage = (a*X*Y+ a*X*Y*10%*X*b*T)*4.2614*9

Total damage = a*X*Y*(1+10%*X*b*T)*38.3526

In My build

We have

- 247% increased Mine damage from passive tree
- lvl20 Quality+20% Remote mine Support 49% more mine damage
- lvl20 Quality+20% Minefield support 21% less mine damage
- lvl20 Quality+20% Trap and Mine damage support 39% more mine damage +10% increased damage
- lvl20 Quality+20% Concentrated effect 59% more area damage +10% increased area damage
- lvl20 Quality+20% Controlled Destruction Support 44% more spell damage+10% increased spell damage
- lvl20 Quality+20% Vulnerability curse 39% more physical damage and 33% more damage over time
- lvl20 Quality+23% Temporal Chains curse 42% slower enemies with lvl5 enhance we have 58% slower
- lvl20 Quality+20% Blasphemy Support gives us 10% increased effect of support curses
- 40% increased curse effect from passive tree
- 30% increased temporal chains effect from helm Enchantment
- lvl21 Quality+20% bladefall Damage
- increased 70% poison damage from passive tree
- increased 30% critical strike chance from soul strike
- decreased 100% critical strike chance from Controlled Destruction support

Then finally we can figure our maximum one-shot damage on unique boss , I am going to ignore any extra damage I might have from gears/ flask/ buff/charges and at the point.

Total damage = a*X*Y*(1+10%*X*b*T)*38.3526

X= (1+247%+10%+10%)*149%*(1-21%)*139%*159% =

X= 9.5475

Y= lvl21 Quality+20% bladefall Damage = (417+625)/2*[0.95+0.05*(1+30%-100%)*150%]

Y= 507

a= 139%*(100%-60%+40%+10%)*144% = 1.801

b= (1+70%)*133%*(100%-60%+40%+10%) = 2.0349

Total damage = 1.801*9.5475*507*(1+10%*9.5475*2.0349*T)*38.3526

Total damage = 342199.813*(1+1.942820775*T)

T= Poison damage duration

As we know the base
duration of poison is 2 second

So When T= 2 second

Total damage = 1671865.625

But we know We have a 70% slower effect on unique boss

So the actually poison duration T = 100%/(1-70%)*2=6.67 second

Total damage = 342199.813*(1+1.942820775*6.67)

Total damage = 342199.813*13.95861457

Total damage = 4776635.295

Total duration is 6.67 seconds

Then the DPS = 716137.2257

III. Combining "Darkcorn + sould strike+Wick ward(Occultist's Ascendancy skill) + Chaos Inoculation(passive tree skill )


Then we have

1.Immunization of Chaos damage and poison damage over time

2.Fast Energy Shield Recharge which cannot be interrupted with big ES pool

As we know from Path of exile official wiki

Energy shield will automatically begin to recharge if the character does not take any damage for a certain period of time. With Blood Magic, spending life instead of mana to use a skill counts as taking damage. By default, the delay period for energy shield to begin to recharge is 2 seconds. This can be reduced with #% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge modifiers from passive skills and equipment.

Let r be the sum of #% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge modifiers (as a percentage). The delay period in seconds is given by:
Delay period = 200/(100+r)

Energy shield Recharge Rate
Energy shield recharge rate is a form of recovery and is by default:

20.0% of Energy Shield Recharged per second
Energy shield will stop recharging when it reaches maximum or if the character takes damage. This recharge rate can be increased with #% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate modifiers.


For example , We have 150% faster start of energy shield Recharge modifiers from "Soul strike"

Delay period = 200/(100+150)=0.8s

And we have 40% reduced energy shield recharge rate modifiers from "sould strike"+45% faster from passive tress

recharge rate per second= 20% of your Health pool(Because of you have CI,ES=life)*(100%-40%+10%+10%+10%+15%)

recharge rate per second= 18% of your health pool

From passive we have 161% increase maximum ES and 262+ intelligent ,which means we have around 5000-10000 ES

At level 75 we can have most of the key passive tree points we wanted, and all the passive points we need will be found at level 90.

At level 90, I have 9035 ES ,every 0.8 second I haven't be damaged, I recharge 1897 ES per second. And we know we can only leech 20% of Maximum life per second (without VP and increased life leech% )

Now we have 18% regeneration even we don't have to attack/cast to leech. :) It will work very well with our super Temporal Chains> 。Just run out and stay 0.8 second without taking any damage ,we back to full life again.

3. 25% physical damage taken as chaos damage + CI = 25% physical damage taken reduction


Necessary item

Unique item

Temportal Chains effect helm

From all the passive and Unique item we will finally set up all the attributes we need for skills.

Final attributes from passives and unique
At level 74
227+ intelligence ( Passive tree 212+ Amulet 15)
210+ dexterity ( Passive tree 94+ Soul strike 30+ Amulet 15+ Jewels" careful planning" 74)
114+ strength ( Passive tree 64+ Belt 35+ Amulet 15)

As we said it is design for hardcore,I want to make sure I can use most of the items self- found,and the unique should be easy to get. Helm is the only item might be hard to find at the start of a new season.


From passives
At level 74
220% increased maximum energy shield
15% more maximum energy shield
+154 maximum energy shield
45% increased maximum energy shield from intelligence

For example

Helm 200 ES
Boot 100 ES
Gloves 100 ES
Body Armor 400 ES
Quiver 100 ES
Rings 50 ES
without consider intelligent/increased we got from items

Total ES= (200+100+100+400+100+50+154)*(100%+220%+45%)*(100%+15%)= 1104 * 4.1975 =4634

At level 90

My gears have 128 intelligence
My passive tree gives me 282 intelligence
And My ring crafted as 39% increased maximum energy shield

So at level 90 with my current gears
239% increased maximum energy shield
15% more maximum energy shield
+154 maximum energy shield
82% increased maximum energy shield from intelligence

Helm 344 ES
Boot 152 ES
Gloves 138 ES
Body Armor 899 ES
Quiver 120 ES
Rings 77 ES

My Total ES = (344+152+138+899+120+77+154)*(100%+259%+82%)*(100+15%)= 1884 * 5.0715 = 9554.706

And with the better gears and last 10 passive points ,we can have 11000 to 13000 ES at the the end of this game!

Level 90

Fire Resistance 165%+
Cold Resistance 165%+
Lighting Resistance 165%+

well be good enough even the elemental weakness curse map


Current gears and passive


Level90 Passive tree
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Cool graphs. You forgot to skill arcane viston, no?
And what about the 3 free nodes to boost your mine damage?
Also, don't you need fatal toxins?
Nice build, thanks! I'll try to make it, if the poison will not be nerfed. Although I'm still a newbie in POE. Started to understand math and found an error in the calculation of damage Bladefall.


Damage per bladefall = bladefall damage + bladefall damage*(1-6%) + bladefall damage*(1-6%)^2 +bladefall damage*(1-6%)^3+bladefall damage*(1-6%)^4

It is correct

= bladefall danage*4.2614

It is not correct

Correctly so (just check in Excel, where cell A1 contains the average damage for gem Bladefall, for example (417+625)/2 for gem L21 Q20% ):


=4,434933 * Bladefall Damage
One question: why yours build and not conflargate's / madzak's one. What are the notable differences?
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