ZiggyD's Community Unique Design - Names and Flavour Text

Path of Exile uses item names and flavour text in many ways: To reveal the history of Wraeclast, to give an item a theme or flavour, or to reinforce the story already told by an item's bonuses and penalties.

The item's name should be memorable, unique and evocative of the item. The flavour text could be a quote from a historical figure, an observation on events past or present, or simply a quippy line that ties in with the theme of the item. Together with the stats of the item, the flavour text and item name should tell a story, and help inform the artist that creates the belt's art.

These are the properties that the item has so far:

Vanguard Belt (A new belt base type)
+305 to Armour and Evasion Rating
1% increased attack damage per 400 Armour and Evasion
15% chance to gain Fortify on Melee Stun
You have Onslaught while you have Fortify

This is your chance to have your writing on an item in Path of Exile! Reply to this thread with a suggestions for both the item's name and its flavour text. We may make some small changes to your suggestions to keep them in line with the style and language of the game if they're chosen from the vote. The writing will need to be original and of your own design. Multiple submissions are welcome!

Good luck!
Balance & Design
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"Vendor Trash"

Too soon? ;)

How about call it SPQW

The power of two combines to gird the people's champion. The hills flow red with slaughter, and the gods are pleased.

For those that are wondering a little about my logic:

The proposed name SPQW is a reference to the item being crafted by the Senate (GGG) and the People of Wraeclast (that's all the contributors to this item).

"The power of two" can have multiple meanings, including an obscure Marvel reference to the character "Onslaught" created by the merging of consciousness of Professor X and Magneto. But for copyright purposes we'll refer to the power of Evasion and Armour, or Fortify and Onslaught, or any other duos of Wraeclast that fit.
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Daresso's Love

Something about binding Daresso and Merveil together by their waist. ;)

Daresso still should have accepted Merveil even though she got cursed by his own doing. He should had taken it like a man and retire to stick by her side to show that love means something after all.
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Flavor text NEEDS to be pants related.
Daresso's Determination Vanguard Belt

A man with a passion for victory became a legend;
but that passion won even over the art of its making.
The artful battles ended, and that man became a legend, but a man no more.

-The Exile who Traversed the Nightmare
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Name: The Champion's Prize
Flavour text: Brush aside those who stand before you and claim your prize. - Merveil of Theopolis (sp?)
Designing Cospri's Will: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1665314
Designing Cospri's Malice: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1717008
Iron Heart & Iron Fortress too!
pretty bad :(
The damage seems pretty low, considering how much armor and evasion you would have to stack you wouldn't be able to get much else from the tree and the belt itself can't make up for it.

I might be biased because I want the belt to be good, but per 200 (or somewhere around there) seems much more fair.
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the belt invokes an image of an unstoppable juggernaut in my mind, perhaps something with voll or kaom

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