2.3 Prophecy Fire Trap Prolif Inquisitor

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This is a build that I theory crafted a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I died at around level 60 but I believe the character still has merit and it was quite fun to play. All discussion about endgame for this character is theory and has not been fully tested yet. If you want to look at my character the in game name is "TheSlowBern".


Quick Video walk through of the character concept and some game play footage in merc docks.


-Melts Bosses
-Fast Clearing
-Immune to reflect
-Several layers of defense

-Can't facetank (need to position well)
-Somewhat expensive to get good crit gear
-Does fully come online until you kill cruel lab

The main concept for this build is to proliferate huge ignites from fire trap using the elemental proliferation gem. We aim for a high crit rating (around 80-95%) so that we will almost ignite when we throw a trap. Additionally inquisitor will allow our fire trap to ignore enemy resistances, causing an extremely large ignite. While the enemies resistances will still be in effect during the burn of the ignite, inquisitor still lets us scale the initial hit which will in turn scale the "size" of the ignite.

Fire Trap-Elemental Proliferation-Increased Critical Strikes-Controlled Destruction-Trap and Mine Damage-Empower/Increased Burning Damage

I never got to test the build out with a sixth link but I believe Empower/Increased Burning Damage would be the biggest increases in DPS. For bosses you can swap prolif with conc effect.

Blasphemy-Temporal Chains-Assassins Mark

Assassins mark allows us to crit more consistently and automate our power charges. Temporal chains is an extra defensive layer as well as increasing the duration of our ignite. Synergy! :D


There are no uniques required for this build, however there are several that I find beneficial.

1) If you are going to run dual curse like I did you need to either use Doedre's Damning or Windscream.

2) For weapons I would recommend either The Searing Touch (for +2 to level of fire trap and the extra damage mods on the staff) or dual wielding Doryani's Catalysts. Double Doryanis was the end goal for the build. The increase to global crit chance is great and the huge amount of elemental damage double dips on our fire trap (scaling both the initial hit and the burning damage iteslf).

3) Belly of the beast/Lightning Coil/Kintsugi are all great defensive chests. A rare with high evasion would also work fine.

Skill Tree

This build started getting quite strong around level 60. The main downsides are that we are spread thin on the skill tree so getting enough life is hard. However, I think that this character is HC viable. We aim to get 4-5k life, have the full acrobatics cluster, and run temporal chains on blasphemy. When we get good enough gear we can even drop the assassins mark for enfeeble for even more defense.

The build was very fun and required some smart positioning on my part (which is why I died eventually do being stunlocked by the EK totem exile.) I will definitely be revisiting the character in the future.
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