[HoC] Herd of Cats - (Casual, Mature, EU)

Do you want a guild where you can play at your own pace?
Do you want a mature guild?
Are you interested in a small community sometimes playing other games between leagues?

HoC have been around since closed beta, and we have both new players and veterans in our ranks. Our goal has always been to provide a friendly community in PoE for people who usually want to play solo, where you can ask questions, talk about your build, or just show off your latest drop in guild chat.

Groups of members also tend to play other games between leagues in Path of Exile, or just hang out in the Discord. If you enjoy British humour and endless debates about which build is truly "the best build ever", you'll fit right in. We don't require participation in voicecoms, but do encourage it.

  • Almost all of our members play the current softcore challenge league.
  • Our activity policy is relaxed, we know the most activity is for the first month of a new league. The activity cutoff is 6 months, after that you might be kicked. If you come back, ping us on Discord and we will reinvite you if we still have room.
  • We have a guild stash which is FFA, and up to the players to organize. Don't put anything in that you don't want taken without notice. In the future if we get a transaction log this rule may be changed.

How do I join?

Go to our Discord and ping @officer in the #registration channel.
IGN : Jovial
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Last bumped on Dec 15, 2019, 2:55:03 AM
Bump, already had two guys join and there is still room for more! :)
IGN : Jovial
Bump, still looking for some more people.
IGN : Jovial
IGN : Jovial
Bump, with new challenge league nearing it'd be great to get some new blood. New players are welcome too!
IGN : Jovial
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Bump, still got room.
IGN : Jovial
Me? :)
IGN: Barc_
Hi, i want to join the guild :D

Ingame name: mttia
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Hi i want to join :D

IGN : Duelstrower
Bump, still plenty of room!
IGN : Jovial

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