[2.3] CI Occ Crit Trap Bladefall

Hello Trappers!
First I will answer very important question: Why I've made another Bladefall Trap build if there is hundreds of them already? Yes I know that but I have never seen CI witch Trap Crit Bladefall before so I've decided to post my own build. I've made theory craft including tree and basic items for it before Prophecy league, and since then I've made a lot of changes. Now it's kinda cheap, easy to play, can do all maps and almost all mods, atziri, uber atziri, uber lab etc. But still I see it can be even better so if you have any suggestions what could I upgrade please post it below. And to be clear here, you need 3-4exa to make this build work for all yellow and maybe for low rolled red maps, and at least 14exa to do all stuff this game can offer.
My Character Stats



Crafting base: any dagger with 80% global critical strike chance implict and 84+ ilvl.
Two most important stats here are spell damage and critical strike multiplier. If U roll good spell damage in prefix consider regaling it with only 1 stat. If you get T1-2 crit multi or T1 critical strike chance for spells, use Elreon's multimod and add other mods in mastercraft. Get Lightning damage for spells+Spell Damage+Damage over time in preffix and Crit multi+crit chance for spells+can have multiple mods in suffix.
That's what I crafted for this build:


ES version. Get as much ES as possible here. Spell damage preffix is good too but not so good as hybrid es/stun recovery. Critical strike chance for spells and resistances suffixes are smartest choice. Dont buy shield with Life preffix.
Atm im using:

Body Chest:

You need 5L-6L ev/es base body armour with high ES (400+); and some resistances . Best craft bases are Carnal Armour and Sadist Garb. If you have enough currency you can get 5L-6L Atziri's Splendour ES version. The reason why we need EV/ES base is simple: 5 green sockets. There are better chests with ES only, but crafting there 5 green sockets requies about 18 244 chromes (info from vorici calculator). But if you still want to try get 5g in ES chest, get The Beast Fur Shawl for spell damage, ES recovery and increased area of effects.

Gem setup for traps:
Trap Support - Bladefall 21/20 - Trap Cooldown Support - Trap and mine damage Support - Cluster Traps Suport (switch to Poison support when fighting hard bosses) - Increased Area of Effect (switch to Concentrated Effect Support if you have not enough damage or Increased Item Rarity when you want to get more good drops)


Get ES base with Increased Bladefall critical strike chance/ Increased Bladefall area and craft as much ES and Resistance as you can. If you want to buy something unique get Heretic's Veil.


ES/EV base (Assasin's mitts, Murderer's Mitts or just simply get Sorcerer's Gloves (pure ES)) - we can cap Resistances here

For more damage and less survivability buy Facebreaker or Maligaro's.


ES/EV base (Carnal Boots/Assasin's Boots/Sorcerer's Boots) - 30% movement speed, resistances (if you want unique boots get Mutewind Whispersteps but good rare are better option, also for those who have 2 much currency Skyforth are option too but this build don't requied them)


Rustic Sash with flat ES 45+;2x resistances; crafted Trap and Mine damage (and we roll higher Trap here)

or something like this:


Diamond Rings with: Flat ES/Mana regeneration/resistances/atributes if needed/ Craft % ES and reroll with divines till you get high roll.
(you need to cap here each elemental resistance at 169 - for maps with elemental weakness)

There is possible improvement: diamond ring base + essence craft (poison damage or chaos damage)+ flat es + %es + res


Flat ES/% ES/critical strike multiplier (<these 3 must be in your amu), in last preffix get spell damage or % evasion if its possible; in suffixes you can get mana reg/increased critical chance/some atributes/resistances


1x (8% increased maximum energy shield (this mod is most important)/ Physical Damage /or/ Damage Over Time /or/ Spell Damage /or/ Spell Damage when holding shield /or/ Area Damage /or Trap Damage) jewel


It depends. For different maps you need various flask setups. I use:

Taste of Hate and The Sorrow of the Divine can be used instead of Quartz Flask and Atziri's Promise.
Remember to always equip flasks with Immunity to Freeze, Immunity to Bleeding during Flask effect and increased duration.


Normal - kill all - skill point
Cruel - help Oak - 16% Physical Damage
Merciless - kill all - skill point


Normal LAB - Wicked Ward
Cruel LAB - Vile Bastion
Merciless LAB - Profane Bloom
Uber LAB - Melediction

My current gear:

How to get requied items? - Cheapskate version.

Weapon: Get dagger ilvl at least 73 with 80%global crit rate. Craft high spell damage (50+) or add damage to spells t1 or hybrid spell damage. The most important stat you must have is critical strike multiplier at least t2 (30+). If you are lucky atm you have something like PREFFIX: Spell Damage (OR) Add X Damage to spells; SUFFIX: Critical Strike Multiplier. Use mastercraft and add Damage Over Time (Leo) or Spell Damage (Cata 6) or Spell Critical Strike Chance (Cata 7).
Total cost: 1-20c.

Dont even try to craft it if you want this build to be cheap. You need about 50c atm to buy decent shield with 400+ES and 60+ total elemental res. Less ES is cheaper but you need survivability and shield provides a lot.

5L is always cheap but you need 6L to do red tier maps (for yellow 5L is more than enough). I suggest to buy Carnal Armour, Sadist Garb or Varnished Coat for around 2exa. Than alch it and spam chaos orbs or scour+alch combo till you get 500+es + some res or free suffix (in suffix you can add from mastercraft resistance you need to cap). Total cost for 6L decent armour - 3-4 exa.

Buy Hubris Circlet base with 90% increased Bladefall Critical Strike Chance - 1exa.
Craft flat es t1 or hybrid ES + some resistance or int and Regal it till you get another (lacking) ES preffix. So you should end up with something like: FLAT ES + Hybrid ES + 1 res + Mastercrafted %ES. You can always just spam chaoses if you are impatient :) Total craft cost 1-4exa.

Don't try to craft them. Buy any ES based boots (look for 120+es total), 30 movement speed and some resistances. They should cost 1-10c.

Buy gloves with 120+es total + some resistances. Avarage cost - 10c.

Get Rustic Sash belt with high ES preffix + two resistance suffixes and one free suffix (craft trap damage there). Avarage cost - 10c.

3x Coated Shrapnel jewels: 10c each (=30c)
%ES+phys damage jewel + trap damage /or/ area damage /or/ spell damage /or/ critical strike multi /or/ damage over time : about 15c (try to find something simmilar or craft it by yourself)

Buy rings in Diamond Base. Look for flat ES + resistances. If you have free preffix mastercraft %ES for 1exa. Total cost for both ring with mastercrafted es - 3exa (without mastercraft 1exa max)

Citrine or Onyx Base are best here. While buying amulet look for high critical strike multi, spell damage, Flat ES and % ES. Resistances and lacking atributes are fine too. Esimated cost - 1exa.

Must have gems:
Bladefall 21/20, cost 3.5-4exa. Other gems can be just simply lvled up while lvling.

They are cheap, 5c is max what you need for them.

Total build cost in cheapest version (but uber capable): 12-18exa (Prophecy league prices August 23 2016).

Video. Normal Atziri, Rare Twinned Palace, Rare Core

- sry for music in this the video, it's my own creation...
- video was made before core nerf patch
!VIDEO MADE WITH PREVIOUS VERSION OF THIS BUILD! Now it's much easier and faster to do these kind of maps.

Map mods:

Players are cursed with Temporal Chains
Players have no Life or Mana Regeneration
Area has patches of chilled ground

there's none

Can't play:
Players have % less Recovery of Life, Mana and Energy Shield - T16 map
Players have Blood Magic - that's the only mod you can't play at all in any case
Players have no Life or Mana Regeneration - T16 map

Known problems:
There sometimes can be not enough damage to one shot double vaal boss in uber atziri (or simply when it get bugged), so you might die there. To prevent this get shock immuned flask, sorrow of the divine flask, and swap cluster traps gem with poison support. If you dont have good gear you can run atziri with the gem swap too.

Build updated August 22, 2016. It's 100% Uber Atziri viable now. Also map clear speed is highly increased, it can easy and super fast clear all t12,t13,t14,t15 hard rolled maps.
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This an amazing guide. I tried this build and I instantly found several exalts worth of items to sell for maximum profit. If there was one build guide to follow of all the build guides ever built, this is the one.

I was absolutely not forced by a Guild Mate to make these comments and have done so out of my own free will. No Chalice of Horror shields were ruined in the writing of this comment.
Is there any uniques you might recommend or just all rares?
this chest can help a lot with this build :)
TragedyMaker wrote:
this chest can help a lot with this build :)

I think thats first time i see 6g in int based chest. And yes, it would be awsome for this build, but even more awsome would be 5G1B.
Korach wrote:
Is there any uniques you might recommend or just all rares?

I highly recommend using 3x coated shrapnel jewels, they are just 2 good to not use them.
Also Heretic's Veil is awsome as helmet for all curse based chars, but here If i had to chose between HV and Rare with nice ES pool and res i would pick the Rare.
And ofc if you have enough chroms you should try to make 5G1B linked "The beast fur shawl Vaal Regalia" (spell damage, increased radius of area skills, extra shield recovery rate - thats all we need).
Patch 2.4.0 will have no bigger impact on this build. The changes are not necessary here.

This Patch change a bit DoT from Poison:
"Poison now deals 8% of Physical and Chaos damage as Chaos Damage for 2 seconds (down from 10%). While we have future plans to fix Poison (addressing double dipping), this nerf brings it slightly more in line until we can make those changes."
- but most of damage is from critical strikes, it will make only bosses a little harder

"The trap/mine behaviour of Bladefall has been made more consistent with other traps/mines. The blades fall from the mine itself, not targeting the location where the monster is. (They will fall in the direction of the monster though)."
- because of cluster traps, this build covers area big enough to kill mobs regardless of blade fall directions

/edit 02.09.2016
"Trap's damage modifier no longer affects damage over time" - ok here comes gamechanger. Since i've theorycrafted my new op build for next league, i've got some time to adjust this one to nerfs GGG provides. Since the main source of damage here are critical strikes, we need to get rid of DoT and get as much Crit Multi as possible. Since facebreakers provides a lot of crit multi but not enough hp/res, i think it will be smart to take them (or shadow and dust or maligaro's) and get more ES from the tree instead. And because we dont need DoT anymore, we got a lot of free point to do that.
So here is fast made new tree for players who want to fast start (I will check few things after league start to be sure it cant be better).
And now its time to finally throw away Unique jewels from this build and come back to good classic rare jewels. So we need 3 most important stats here: Energy Shield/Critical Strike Multi/Physical Damage (and maybe Trap Damage). But thats not all changes this build need yet.
The last change will be weapon. We can get a lot of crit chance from tree now, so we dont need 80 global crit strike chance from weapon. Instead we need a wand with huge Spell Damage/Critical Strike Multi!!!/Critical Strike chance for spells/and some kind of spell damage add to spells like lightning.
There will be no way to use whirling blades with it, so just get rid of it and get f.e. shield charge.
And that's it, fast made changes so maybe not perfect but they will allow this build easy do all maps again.
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You must take "Shield Defences" and "Deflection" nodes (near poison nodes) ;)

Shield Defences is a basic passive skill that grants increased defences (armour, evasion and energy shield) from equipped shields.[1]
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