[2.3] Savage Slasher, Berserker - Critical Lacerate. Phase Acro/VP

Hi guys,
Let's talk about new melee skill released in 2.3.

I believe lot of players are having fun with Lacerate now, most of them may have chosen Duelist class. I tried Slayer, it is indeed amazing. But today let's play it with Berserker!
With slight change this build could play with both sword and axe.
Test Run, only gif

T9 twinned Residence Map, 15%elemental reflect, cursed with vulnerability. Just hold 'Lacerate button', xD.

How to calculate the DPS of Lacerate, and the play style

If there is only one target in range or the pack appeared in a cone shape, Lacerate can perform its maximum damage to those enemies which is nearly double of the tool-tip dps.
pack in cone shape

But when monsters scattered or got you surrounded, and you want to take specific one (totem/rare monster/boss etc) down as quick as you can, Lacerate become less efficient. Like all melee skills that linked with 'Multistrike Support', Lacerate auto-aim target in its 'melee range'(usually half screen).
Move and find an angle to slash would be a common strategy.

Character Status and DPS

6L with INC.AOE (nearly 5L DPS)
Hatred + HoA + ICE Golem + Ancestral Protector buffed
5000 Life, 40/46 dodge chance

This one is not balanced well enough, but you can get the image, sword based build's critical chance can be 70%+ without power charges in 2.3.

Concepts of this build

Defence. Yes, defence.
Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics to avoid fatal crossfire by packs.
Cloaked of Savagery's 100% dmg leeched as life if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently + Vaal_Pact's instant leech. Recover life to maximum in a blink of an eye.
Unwavering Stance make you 'Cannot be Stunned', thus your attack/leech are not interruptible by stun. (you could still be interrupted by Freeze or failed to hit due to Blind).

And Fortify support, reduce damage that comes with 'hit', this may keep you alive when dodge failed and huge among damage incoming.

Enhancements by Ascendancy
You don't need perform 'kill' to get leech life and mana in 2.3, nice boost.

Cloaked of Savagery also boost in 2.3

Helmet Enhancement
never had a chance to get one, but there are damage/radius/critical chance for Lacerate enhancement in Mods list at poe.trade.


-Rapid clear speed with 'Increased Area of Effect', great DPS with 'Concentrated Effect' for boss fight.
-Decent survivability, can do map with physical/elemental reflection!

-Map with 'Can not leech' is hard, could link 'Life gain on hit' but the advantage of this build is not functioning.
-Can't move before 6 slash finished when linked with Multistrike Support, need stack attack speed to remedy. This actually is a vulnerability could get you killed in later game.
-Lack of INT. Need find some on gears.
-Not efficient when surrounded.
-Damage Over Time is deadly (Poison/bleeding + cursed with vulnerability, and bleeding stacking by monsters have 'Corrupting Blood' Nemesis Affixes. Other type of DOT: poison cloud, desecrated ground )

Passive Skill Tree & level up step

Gear & Flask

lv up weapons

end-game weapons

If I can have my sword 6L, then 'Kaom's Heart' should be the best for boost life pool, though the +20% AOE would gone.


5L/6L Lacerate
General set for clear speed:

More survivability, less dps

For map with physical reflection

For range sensitive (Atziri fight etc), INC. critical strike chance and 'Concentrated Effect' are optional. Or even you want Physical to Lightning, then 'HoT + curse on hit set'

If 5L, drop INC. AOE.
4L #1 CWDT set.


'Immortal Call' gives over 0.6s physical invulnerability with 'Increased Duration', it'll last longer if we have 'Endurance Charge'(which we get often from critical strike. xD), it's a very effective defense method. It also helps when you are fighting monsters or doing maps with 'reflect physical damage'.
4L #2 Aura / Buff

Flame Golem offers a bit more dps than ICE Golem when character at low lv.
And you could away swapping different Golem to suit variety situations.

Other On-demand option

Try get a RBGW 4L for this set, easy swap purity of elements(fire/ice/lightning) means better adaptability.
4L #3 Vaal Grace / Vaal Haste

Both Vaal Grace and Vaal Haste take advantage of increased duration support. They offer Great Dodge chance and boost DPS / movement speed to a higher level for 10 seconds. You could carry multiple of them.
70+ Dual dodge

4L/5L for Movement and 'Ancestral Protector'

Ancestral Protector offers more attack speed that boosts dps a lot.
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
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Looks solid!

What's the amount of life you reached? Did not see it on Character status.

Does savage hit trigger often? If not does vaal pact + normal leech gets the job done?

Looking to do a dual wielding + abyssus version of this.
it's 5000 life with Carcass Jack, it should be over 6000 with Kaom's Heart if 6L sword.
It's now 'one hit 15% maximum life' in 2.3 for enable 'Savage mode', xD.
if 5000 life, then 750 damage at one hit. Basically every touch by magic/rare/unique monsters triggers Savage hit.
Unless you have really op DPS, vaal pact + normal leech won't get enough amount to recover to maximum life in 200 microseconds.
Try block instead of dodge if dual wielding, I'm also interested.
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
Is it recommended for HC or SC
If you are interested, try SC first. It's not recommended as a beginners' build.
It would be better before if you get familiar with the play style and the weakness of it before you try it in HC.
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
I shall be trying something similar with DW swords. I generally prefer to have block chance over dodge, hence wanting to go with DW. I have a feeling my passive tree will be a quite different to yours.
On second thought, any reason why u didn't go with aspect of carnage for the 40% more damage?

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