2.3 Elementalist DD HC/SC Viable

Recently DD got buff by making it so that the skill's damage can not be reflected and with the newest changes to the Elementalist this build can push end-game again but it does struggle in the labyrinth because of the low monster level.
-Scales with Monster Level
-Reflect Proof
-Burn Prolif(Beacon of Ruin)
-Cheap Starting Gear

-Cant level with it
-Nearly Impossible Lab Runs
-Not Really Tanky

Current Passive Tree: @lvl 84 http://tinyurl.com/DetonateDead
-For rest of Passive Tree just spec into Life and Regen Jewel Node next to Sion.
-If you get +1 curse gear respec from Whispers of Doom into Ash, Frost and Storm.
Ascendancy Choices:
-Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin -> Liege of Primordial -> Pendulum of Destruction


Gear I still Need
-Second Doryani's
-Carcass Jack
-Doryani's Invitation

Gem Links:
Detonate Dead-Inc Aoe-Conc-Chance to Ignite-Inc Burn-Fire Pen
Blasphemy-Temp Chains(or Flammability)-Enfeeble
CWDT-Immortal Call and whatever else you want
Fire/Chaos Golem - Minion Life
Lightning Warp-Faster Cast-Reduced Duration
Desecrate - Faster Cast

-For Leveling use Firestorm and spec into spell damage first(respec when you get to maps)
-For Sceptres just find something with %Fire dmg, cast speed is also good.
-HC Players can run two chaos golems for extra dmg mitigation.
-May want to pickup Endurance Charges if you're playing HC.
-If you get enough mana regen from gear you dont need to use clarity(see my jewelry)
Map Mods:
-Can honestly run about anything regen maps are a little sketchy.
-Skip Blood Magic.
-Curse Immune Maps use Arctic Armour and Grace.

Videos(Coming Soon)
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Very good build. Played it in Prophecy HC and died in Merc lab at level 75. Dunno what happened tho, I went down so fast from a spike trap that I couldn't even pot. I tried reproducing it in standard but that amount of damage never happened again...
Too tired of this league for a reroll, but this will be the char I'll play when 2.4.0 hits. One thing tho: Fire Pen is a way better 5L than Increased Burning Damage, so you should switch up the gem priorities.

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