Progress on Multiples of the Same Chain?

Let's say I just completed Plaguemaw IV, and have the ability to "Seek" a Plaguemaw V, but then I Unseal a Plaguemaw III that I had Sealed on my other character and completed that; do I then have the ability to "Seek" both a Plaguemaw V and IV?

Or does one supercede the other and get wasted? Can you have multiples of the same chain with different levels of progress? Or should I wait until I finish the Chain to Unseal?
IGN: Golem_Antsy, Harvest
Last bumped on Jun 7, 2016, 9:25:28 PM
You can only be at one "position" in the chain. If you seal a chain prophecy, you lose your position. Unsealing a chain prophecy sets your position to match the one you unsealed (potentially overwriting a previous position).

You can't unseal a chain prophecy if you already have a prophecy in the same chain.

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