[2.3] LA Pierce - Raider vs Deadeye

Im currently playing Ranger (Deadeye) with LA Pierce setup. I was wondering, since in 2.3 we get 2 additional ascendancy points, is Deadeye a way to go? My main reason for doubts is that Raider, aside from having a lot of damage increase from "Avatar of the Chase" and "Avatar of the Veil", also gets a pretty nice bonus to survivability as well as utility, such as phasing and movement speed. And to be honest I feel like I lack survivability, although im not finding myself dying yet. I'm level 76 currently and I'm at about 3.7k life. I'm still wroking on my "Belly of the Best", gloves and jewellery so im expecting to be at about 4.5k HP when im finished with that. Do I really need more survivability? On the other hand I think Deadeye's tree really shines in terms of damage. Picking up "Endless Munitions" and "Fast and Deadly" gives a great boost. And here's the fun part: "Powerful Precision". It gives 3 major bonuses:

1. Projectile Critical Strike Chance increased by Arrow Pierce Chance - that's basically at least 6% additional crit chance assuming wearing a Voltaxic.

2. Projectiles have 100% additional chance to Pierce targets at the start of their movement, losing this chance as the projectile travels farther - I know it probably won't show the increase in dps on the dps tooltip, but is this dynamically added to Drillneck's formula that calculates "Projectile Damage increased by Arrow Pierce Chance"?

3. Attack Projectiles Return to You after hitting targets - so how does this work with Pierce? It hits an enemy and travels back instead of piercing or what?

So basically this question is about which of these 2 would fit better into LA Pierce - Deadeye or Raider? If that's debatable, under what circumstances ought I go for which?

Also i have another little question. The passive tree from the guide looks like this:
Passive Tree 1
What i thought of was ignoring those starting Projectile Damage nodes, except for the first one (16%) and going for some utility AND damage by picking "Aspect of the Eagle" And "Aspect of the Lynx", leaving me at 114 total used skill points instead of 111. I was able to lower it to 113, by picking Projectile damage node instead of 2 nodes (in the Pierce nodes section) that grant a bonus of 5% Pierce Chance and 8% Projectile damage each. Reason behind that was having 90% Pierce Chance from nodes, and 10% from Drillneck, leaving me at 100%, and then "Powerful Precision" also puts it's two cents in. But then again, that 10% additional Pierce Chance would be scaled by Drillneck and "Poweful Precision" giving me not only a little damage boost, but also a slightly higher crit chance. So this is how it looks:
Passive Tree 2
So the question is, were my changes okay, or not really? Thank you in advance if anyone happens to read this and maybe reply.
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Why do you talk about using Voltaxic and then take physical bow dmg nodes?
What are you really going to do?

Btw you missed "Sniper" in the Shadow area, which is really strong.
Why did you miss out the Spell Dodge (Phase Acrobatics)?

Also think about whether you need the pierce chance or not

Proposed base tree:

“Losing a limb is no excuse for cowardice.” - Master Sollis, "Blood Song"
I was kind of tempted by all the other bonuses of the "Aspects" and I guess I hoped that it's going to scale better, but you are right and it might not be that good.

I missed the "Sniper" on accident, thanks for pointing it out. Also, while i was scrolling through some guides, I never really encountered "Phase Acrobatics" and I thought to myself that maybe it's not that good, but now I think I could use that +10% extra dodge on the way and that keystone might actually be life-saving. So again, good point.

I think what I'm going to do is stay with what I've got right now, because I'm doing okay, and since I didn't spend my respec points yet - think about what I need (mostly decide on "Aspects", pick % life nodes near Harrier instead of the ones in the upper tree and try to get "Phase Acrobatics" and see where it leads me) and use those respec points at about level 90, when I will feel like I need every advantage possible and have a little bit of int crafted on one of my items, since I will lose 20 int on the upper part of the tree.

Thanks for every advice, it helped a ton.
A lot of travel for those life nodes at the top, definitely take the ones next to Harrier instead.

If you really need the INT, either take the outer route to the Jewel slot above Blood Drinker for 3 Passives for 20 INT + Jewel socket, or just take the +30 node you're 1 passive away from near King of the Hill.

I'd also spend 1 point to take the hybrid leech node in duelist for comfort's sake.

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