Guide for POE streaming and youtube videos ?

Hi guys,

I just started streaming and I want to record a few videos to put on Youtube.

I've been using OBS Studio (Multiplatform thingy). My stream look OK, but the recording does not look good (especially on Youtube) :(

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a good guide made by one of our streamers or a by another streamer that could be useful to configure OBS.

I want to stream and from time to time, record a video, while still streaming. I've tried various encoding options, but as soon as I use good options (1080p, 60fps), OBS go nuts with the CPU (>40% usage) and the FPS drops on POE.

I have a good rig (GTX 970 and Core i7 last generation), so I think this should be possible with good quality.

Any help appreciated

My stream:
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its a pitty that nobody replied to you.

did you found some good settings now?

i stream sometimes new league content, but only in path of exile streaming (obs studio-twitch) i have frame drops und lags in stream. in no other game i have this.

can please someone tell me his ingame poe settings and obs studio settings please? thanks

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