[2.3] Oro's Sacrifice + Grand Spectrum Juggernaut

Hello! I've started making builds for the first time in preparation for Prophecy League.

I saw the new jewel teased on LiftingNerdBro's channel (Grand Spectrum) and I immediately started playing around with the Viridian and Crimson jewels (armor and elemental damage).

After a bit, I realized that the elemental one didn't specify spells, and I immediately thought of one of my favorite weapons, Oro's Sacrifice. Finally I have a source of damage scaling for the elemental damage on the sword!

Basically, I focused the tree really hard on jewels and defense, relying on all of my damage coming from 12 Grand Spectrum jewels, all slotted for damage for (12*12*6%)=864% increased elemental damage.

Here is the passive tree:

I can reach another jewel node at level 86, which would bring the increased damage to 1014% from the jewels. And I can hit another at 93, reaching 1176% damage from the jewels.

Here are my DPS calculations via Google Sheets:

The DPS is calculated using a 5 link and a single taken item slot (a fire damage Doryani's Invitation). That is, besides the slots used for Oro's Sacrifice.

My first question is, what does the survivability look like for this build? I have 170% armor from the tree, 7 endurance charges, and all the neat Fortify and Endurance Charge effects from the Juggernaut tree. You can see the rest on the tree, but is this going to be enough to reach the physical and elemental damage reduction I need to survive into T11 maps? Or T13?

I also didn't specify a skill to use for the build, except for the Earthquake DPS calculations in the spreadsheet. The first page just assumes some generic 100% effectiveness skill. Are there any good suggestions for a melee skill to use with this build?

I'm planning this as a potential second build for Prophecy League depending on the price of the Grand Spectrum jewels.
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130% max life is too less. That char will not survive on high maps.

150% is the minimum I would recommend for ranged builds in softcore.
As Melee 180+%.
Your idea could work, but you need to prioritize life. Try something like this and get the life nodes first:

Also, if you can get some accuracy on your gear, Elemental Overload is way more damage than Resolute Technique. Getting more than 12 jewel socktes seems unrealistic before lvl 95. You need the life especially against high spikes of elemental damage. With this tree you should get a big enough life pool, maybe consider using koam's heart if you can affored it. If you feel you need more life there are profane chemistry and the two nodes in Juggernaut and Barbarism. Your phys mitigation is good, maybe consider running Arctic Armour to counteract the downsides of oro's.
Looks like a fun build!

I think you need more life though. Get life on belt you are going to do a ton of damage.

Reflect will probably be an issue. Consider getting more life leech rate on passives, getting a quality life leech gem and blasphemy/warlords mark.

I think you tipped me over in favour of Oro/grand epectrum/Flicker, but I will probably go for slayer for extra leech to combat reflect.

May Kuduku shine his light upon us!

Lets hope those jewels are not an exalt each!
saffranffs wrote:

Lets hope those jewels are not an exalt each!

Rip 1.4 ex each
how would you sustain the mana cost for flicker with this tree?
would have to sacrifice gem slot or use blasphemy warlord's

also end charges - getting hit doesn't seem like a reliable way to have your charge up at all times since you mostly don't get hit in flicker

there's also frenzy generation - this tree has no crit and no bonus ignite %
you can't reliably flicker with only the base crit and ignite from Oro
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You could easily go something like Vigilant Strike as Juggernaut or Slayer, to bypass that CD and do a ton of damage. Slayer would need to keep a Heavy Strike gem around for the few rare uniques that are stun immune, but overall, Vigi Strike does a LOT of damage off your base, and with the high base damage of Oro's, along with all the Spectrums....Tons of DPS, really. Slayer would have the super AOE and free Melee Splash, which is nice as Vigi Strike would already be a free 2l, an attack and Fortify. Would need End Charge on Stun, but it'd still be a free gem link at the end of the day. Just my two cents, really. I think this'll just plain work better with a less OP skill, XD. It's OP in and of itself. With that kind of damage as melee, asking for insane clear speed would be just too much. Go for good clear speed.

Also. If you do want to keep flickering, grab RT, and grab the flat ignite nodes from Templar area, and then use the Chance to Ignite Gem. Using that and multistriking flicker, you SHOULD be able to flicker reliably. It'd still not be perfect, but better than trying to get crit with that sword outside of Assassin.

- Sheepster

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