[2.3] Necromancer Zombie Bomber!

Minion Instability Damage [Raise Zombie]



Hello everyone, Zerenity here. Today I am here to talk about a mechanic/build I have been interested in ever since I saw Kykoyou's (TheCardichon on youtube) "The Explosive Sheep" build.



I set out to calculate what the highest (or possible highest) Life for a zombie (and therefore Minion instability Damage) we could get with a fairly cheap build.
However this forum is more to showcase the sheer amount of damage we can get :)

Items I will talk about throughout this document:

Class: Witch
Ascendancy: Necromancer
Tree: www.poeurl.com/D1t

Zombie Life Multipliers:

lvl 20 zombie 4608
lvl 22 zombie 5590 (+2 to socketed minion gems)

Mon'tregul's Grasp: 2000 (flat) = 7590

Tree Minion Life: 120%

Minion Life: 49% (51% +2 to socketed minion gems)

Fortified Legion: 15% (Jewel)

sidhebreath: 15%

Heartbound: 15% (2)

*Clayshaper: 30%

Jewels (2): 24%

Total Zombie Life


Flat Zombie Life:7590 - Percentage Increase: 285% (Mon'tregul's Grasp )
Flat Zombie Life:5590 - Percentage Increase: 315% (Clayshapers)

Mon'tregul's Grasp :

7590 (2.85%)

Life: 21631.5

2x Clayshapers:

5590 (3.15%)

Life: 17608.5

Damage mods:


Kaom's: 40% fire

Tree (minon): 195%

With aura: 10% (Commander of darkness ascendancy, assuming you have ANY type of aura)

Spirit eater: 40% (If a corpse was consumed recently)

(Fire): 55%

(Area): 50%

(Ele): 8%

Sidhebreath: 15%

Minion Damage:51% (Gem)

Total: 464%

Minion Instability Damage:

Mon'tregul's Grasp:

Mon'tregul's Grasp (.33% of 21631.5): 7138.395
7138.395 (4.64% Damage increase) = 33,122.1528

33,122.1528 (4 zombies) = 132,488.6112


Clayshaper (.33% of 17608.5): 5810.805
5810.805 (4.64% Damage increase) = 26,962.1352

26,962.1352 (8 zombies) = 215,697.0816

Flammability Curse

lvl 20 Flammability = 44% reduced fire resistance

Mon'tregul's Grasp:
33,122.1528 (1.44%) = 47,695.90032

47,695.900032 (4) = 190,783.600128

26,497.2708 (1.44%) = 38,825.474688

38,825.474688 (8) = 310,603.797504

Rounded-up Totals and final words:

Minion instability damage while your weapons are Mon'tregul's, Clayshaper, can only summon 4 zombies, and enemies are cursed with flammability is approximately 190,783.

Minion instability damage while your weapons are two (2) Clayshaper, can summon up 8 zombies, and enemies are cursed with flammability is approximately 310,603.

That is a LOT of damage regardless of what you mainhand/offhand. Because most of these uniques are fairly inexpensive (the priciest one being Kaom's) you can get them all fairly cheap, meaning you can have both set-ups going and simply weapon swapping between them depending on your situation. When running maps you can use Mon'tregul's + Clayshaper to run only 4 zombies but be dealing a LOT of damage, and you won't have to go through the hassle of summoning 8 zombies, however when you enter a boss fight, say Atziri, Itzaro, or any other boss that allows you to summon or pre-summon you can switch to dual Clayshaper to have 8 zombies and deal Massive damage.

All in all it seems like a very, very solid build that can take down Atziri, and uber may be quite easily? I'm not sure never have done uber. I mean the highest damage I have achieved (On a atziri farmer Bladefall Poison miner) is about 7k average dmg tooltip (63k dmg).
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The stats here seem pretty good, but are you able to do anything late game? Seems like you wouldn't be in control of your own DPS, and that seems pretty bad
I feel like there is a missed opportunity here. zombie bomber has a really awkward ring to it.
perhaps should've been zombomber. or zomber bomber. LOL
I have nothing else to contribute with, btw.
D: :X
Well, there is a MTG deck called Zombardment, I think that fits nicely :D

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