[2.3 Tank Witch] Blood Magic Iron Will Regeneration Necromancer

Sorry for my English, it's not my maternal language. If you see any language error, tell me so i can correct them.

Hi exiles, i'll let you here my little build that's i've used from about one level and a half after dying like stupid for about a hundred time. I didn't leveled it so can give any ideas for leveling.
This build is a shitty idea base on maximum strength for life and damage via strength bonus modifications.
First things first, I use Arc as base spell and 4 Auras for boosting DPS and Defenses

Pros and Cons

+ Pretty cheap (from a player whom have played 400 hours whitout reaching anything higher than 86 and changing build often)
+ Lot of regen plus some leech.
+ 200%+ max life
+ Iron will and Doon Cuebyiari passive as big damage buff
+ Little resistances gear required
+ ~40% increased Strength
+ Blood Magic
+ Little to no Mana
+ Auras can be change if you don't like them.

- Reflect can kill you extremely quickly
- Curse immune mobs denied you from leeching
- Lots of Uniques items but all somehow cheap (about 2 ex for all of them I think but i'm not good at trading.)
- Low clearspeed
- 40% reduced Intelligence

Required Uniques

I dont know how I can link stuff here so, I've only listed them. If someone can tell me how to link stuff here, it will be perfect.

- Weapon : Doon Cuebiyari
- Shield : Prism Guardian
- Helmet : Alpha's Howl
- Gloves : Meginord's Vise
- Boots : Alberon's Warpath
- Amulet : Rashkaldor's Patience
- Ring 1 : Le Heup of All
- Ring 2 : Le Heup of All
- Flask : Atziri's Promise
- Jewels : Brawn x4

Skill tree and Ascendancies

Skill tree

For the Skill tree, you get about :

- 400 Strength
- 240 Intelligence
- 10% Life regeneration
- 42% all Elemental Resistance
- 20% Chaos Resistance
- 209% increased Life
- 32% increased Spell Damage
- Elemental Overload

For your Ascendancy, those are the 4 Notable skills that can be used for this build. In order of importance :

- Mistress of Sacrifice
- Commander of Darkness
- Spirit Eater
- Beacon of Corruption

With those points, you got access to an Offering, increased damage and cast speed for each Auras, Elemental Resistance when affected by one aura, increased Damage and Cast speed when you explode corpses and finally, some Chaos Resistance and Area Chaos damage when your golem dies.

Gems and Flasks

Another one, I don't know how to link stuff here, so i've only listed them
I actually run two flasks of life, two utility flasks and Atziri's Promise

One of this flasks is my panic button for instant Heal and Removes Bleeding
The other one is a Cautious flask for a big heal over time (about 3000 life)
For the utility flasks, i've got a Sulphur Flask for Consecrated Ground, increased damage and remove Shock and a Silver Flask for Onslaught for Curse immunity. Those two got increased Duration
Lastly, my Atziri's got 15% Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage.

I actually got a 5L but a 6L will be much better for me but I can't get one except my Tabula Rasa which doesn't have any stats. Let's get into it

- 6L Chest : Arc – Spell Echo – Controlled Destruction – Blood Magic – Iron Will - Empower
Arc is the main spell, upgraded by Controlled Destruction for More spell damage. More damage are useless if we don't have any damage but Iron Will and Doon Cuebiyari strength bonus got us about 130% increased damage each.

- 4L Gloves : Summon Stone Golem – Fortify – Blood Magic – Minion Life
Stone Golem got us some Life regeneration and a good life golem that can damage as 10% of is Life as Chaos Damage when he dies.

- 2 x 2L Boots : Warlord's Mark – Blasphemy / Flesh Offering – Blood Magic
Warlord's Mark got us some Life and Mana Leech as an aura.
Flesh Offering got us Cast speed and Movement Speed which are never bad
You can use Bone Offering for some extra block and spell block if you want but I prefer Flesh over Bone.

- 0L Helmet : Vitality / Haste / Vaal Haste / Portal
Vitality, Haste and Clarity got us some boost to life regen, cast speed, movement speed (and mana regen which is useless) but got us as well damage and cast speed increase by our Ascendancies.
Portal is use to create portal (that's pretty obvious, but, you know)
Vaal Haste got us some powerfull bonus to Cast speed and Movement Speed and get recharged pretty quickly.

- 3L Shield : Lightning Warp – Less duration – Faster Casting
Lightning warp is used to jump some passage, hills and get out of monsters packs if you got to much damage to regen it.

- 2L Weapon : Clarity / Cast when Damage Taken – Desecrate
Desecrate is used to got us some Corpse to explode if we don't have dead monsters for our Offering. Pretty useful versus some bosses.

That's it. My little regen build based on some stupid idea. Pretty slow actually but I didn't die except from lag when inside a pack of blue monsters with shitty affixes.
Thank you for reading and may the Storms of Wraeclast kill anyone who get in your way.
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