[2.3] Vortex Traper || High ES

Hello everyone Haze here,

Vortex Trapper build is showing now!

+ high ES
+ can do all map mods
+ its cheap for play (at start)
+ good leveling speed (after get 4 link and all traps gems)

- you need mana pot
- uber atziri not viaable (need really expensive item)

Kraitan (or kill)


5L : Vortex - Trap - Inc Aoe - Trap and Mine Damage - multi trap

Movment (3L): : Faster attacks - whirling blades - Fortify (-20 % dmg taken)

Debuff (3L) : blasphemy - inc area of effect - enfeeble

Golem (4L) : Ice Golem + Minion Life + culling strike + increased item rarity

Herald (4L) : Herald of Ice + culling strike + blind + Reduced mana

Discipline (3L) : Discipline + vaal Discipline + Increased Duration

Ring :
Need craft mode : faster start of energy shield recharge
Add int + ES + some resi

Amulet :
ES + Int + Resi


Shield :
Malachai's Loop

Void Battery

The Vertex Vaal Mask


2x Cheap Construction

Other item:
Rare with high amount of ES
Boots with min +25% to speed (more is better)

Build link:

Some text : (xD)

We have 9 power charges in total with this gear, we have a BIG boost with 6-7 PC, on 8 is insane.
This belt is for inc. dmg with traps but you can also use some with es (lower dps + more survi).
This build have around 8-9% of total mana for use. Then some mana regen will be at +.

Patch 2.3 is just comming so this set-up still can be moddifed.

Have a good time if you want use this :)
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On the trap crit node, you get critical strike multiplier instead of critical strike chance. With elemental overload, this doesn't make sense. Other than that the build seems fine.

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