[2.2] Damage Over Time Crit Physical Bow Assassin

What This Is
The main point of this build was to scale a single bow skill in such a way that you can use it for both your aoe needs, as well as your single target needs, which means that you only require 5 or 6 linking a single piece of gear. Typically bow skills excel at either one or the other, aoe or single target, however by scaling split arrow with damage over times, we can effectively aoe and single target with just the one skill. Now you might be asking how exactly split arrow can damage over time. We achieve the damage over time primarily through the assassin ascendancy passive Noxious Strikes. Noxious Strikes gives us a 30% chance to cause bleeding on hits with attacks, as well as a 40% chance to cause poison on hit against bleeding enemies. That paired with the Dirty Techniques node in the passive tree, which gives us another 25% chance to poison on hits against bleeding enemies, gives us a good chance to stack bleeding/poison on enemies.

-high damage
-good survivability
-single reflect not an issue
-requires only one 5 or 6 link
-can start cheap
-100% Pierce

-reflect map mods are a problem
-slower map clear due to movement
-maintaining frenzy charges is annoying

Skill Tree

Split Arrow -> Pierce -> Physical Projectile Damage -> Faster Attacks -> Added Fire -> Slower Projectiles

Frenzy -> Curse on hit -> Vulnerability -> Greater Multiple Projectiles

Cast When Damage Taken -> Immortal Call -> Increased Duration

Blasphemy -> Enfeeble (This is not required, you can swap it for herald of ashe if you want more damage)

Blink Arrow, Hatred, Stone Golem

Normal - Oak
Cruel - Kraityn
Merciless - Kraityn

Necessary Items?
There is no item that is absolutely necessary in order to make this build work, however I would recommend
insane amount of damages for builds that reach 100% pierce

Very strong defensive option for builds that do not obtain high amounts of armor
Lioneye's Glare is a cheap option for a high physical damage bow, the hits cannot be evaded portion of the bow allows for the build to skimp on accuracy


Quick Disclaimer
This is my first guide, and first youtube video. Any feedback and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.
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You called it damage over time build, but i didn't find a single word about what causes that DoT.
You're right on that haha, kind of rushed through the guide and didnt think that part out too clearly. I'll update it, thanks for the advice.
Aristarx wrote:
You called it damage over time build, but i didn't find a single word about what causes that DoT.

ignite on crit? with ddip from proj dmg
definitively not a dot build, 65% poison and 30% bleed is only the ice on the cake... you also do not pick the poison damage nodes and the 10% on hit to poison :/

I dont understand why you do not use poison gem instead and pick assa crits nodes ,p

with 30% bleed, if you do not apply it you never poison, with an average of 5 hits to apply bleed, your poison do not work at all. Cuz they dont bleed often, no poison!

So you pick dot nodes for a completely random effect, not optimized nor efficient ! And we see it in your video, you rarely bleed. On rare/bosses it took you a minimum of 3 hits to apply it, and then the poison doesnt kick in before 5 -6 hits.

Meeeeeh. Come on, be efficient, remove this added fire gem, use poison gem instead and drop noxious strike! maim is useless with your movement speed anyway and it rarely triggers with this AS.

The important part about poison, it stacks over itself. You have never too much nor enough poison. So to apply it with a random effect when you could apply it at a 100% rate, it's a nonsense ! especially when you pick a lot of dots nodes. Then remove entropy, pick a fatal toxin node.

Then you can boost your crit efficiently with deadly infusion or the VERY under estimated Ambush+assassinate

And are you sure that is a crit build? 410% crit chance ( with power charge counted) on a 5% base grants 25.5% crit chance, it's not a crit centered build :P

However you look very tanky, so you could call this build

"The random crit random dot tanky off screen killer dude"
I will never be good but always I try to improve.
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