[2.2] The Stormcalling Tri Curse Occultist

----------------------------------The Stormcalling Tri Curse Occultist----------------------------------


This Build uses Stormcall as primary skill and relies heavily on curses to increase Damage. The Curses are apllied by orb of Storms supported by Curse on hit and additional chain targets. The Occultist Ascendancy as well as specific uniques enable us to build around Curses and generate more explosions.
This Post is somewhat specific in some area's but also represtens a basic idea that can be develloped further by using certain uniques or even other skills.
This Build has been created in the Perandus League should be suitable for future templeagues because the Gear is quite cheap. I dont know about hardcore allthough i am thinking it could be hardcore viable (with adjustments to the skilltree etc.)

Pro's and Con's

  • Very flexible - you can switch out curses
  • No expensive Stuff needed to get this build going
  • Lots of Explosions
  • CI
  • Decent Clearspeed
  • Can play most Mapmods

  • No insane voltaxic spark clearspeed / damage
  • CI is tough on you in the Lab
  • This build has Problems with Atziri - because Orb of Storms will continously cast Curses that will be reflected

What is required?

A Pair of Curse on Hit gloves (or a 6link) and Doedres Scorn and the Brotherhood Conversion Ring

Skill Tree and Class

If you want to use Curses and decide to go CI - Occultist is a no brainer in my oppinion. Wicked Ward is an awsome defense mechanic and the Synergy with curse from Profane Bloom and Malediction are awsome

Official Skill Tree at Lvl 90

At Lvl 90 we get from the skill Tree:

  • +154 to maximum Energy Shield
  • 271% increased maximum Energy Shield
  • 120% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate
  • 15% more maximum Energy Shield
  • 15% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge

  • 83% increased Spell Damage
  • 30% increased Radius of Area Skills
  • 50% increased Area Damage
  • 38% increased Elemental Damage
  • 20% increased Chaos Damage
  • +165% to Critical Strike Multiplier
  • 435% increased Critical Strike Chance

Nice ES bosst from that jewel placement. For the rest of the jewels get radius lightning or cold dmg boost


I chose Skillpoint, Skillpoint, Power Charge.

Skills and Links


  • Lesser Duration
  • Added Lightning Damage
  • Faster Casting
  • Mana Leech

Buy a Lesser Duration that has some quality on it. It is quite cheap. The mana leech gem can be replaced if you can manage your mana -> for example with Warlords Mark.

Orb of Storms+
  • Chain
  • Curse on Hit
  • Assasins Mark
  • Elemental weakness

Switch out the Curses to your Linking. A sixlink lets you replace the curse on hit gloves

Frost Bomb
  • just to get rid of the Regen rares and decrease Cold Res


Herald of Ice

Great source for damage and Explosions.

Herald of Thunder

Damage boost. With Call of the Brotherhood also a defensive skill.



Assasins Mark

With my Gear this Curse should only be replaced on single target bossfights and is build enabling.

Elemental Weakness

Because we have cold and lightning dmg.


Use instead of Assasins Mark when fighting high damage bosses or sketchy maps

Warlords Mark

Very Interesting Option. Giving you the option to replace your mana leech gem and also take the 2 nods to ghost reever to benefit from the life leech. Also Endurance charges ofc

Temporal Chains

Good Curse to have a more relaxed gameplay.

Stone Golem

Very effective defensive tool





I have lots of troubles recording (and not dieing at the same time) while having my laptop dedicated Graphiccard activated. Well i hope you catch a glimpse. (Deactivate Sound)

Tier 11
Double Boss
extra Fire Damage
Rest i forgot



I did Maps up to Tier 13 (nothing higher dropped for me). Had no problems at all running Tier 9-11 maps.
Mapmods Reflect Elemental Damage isnt possible.
Everything else isnt! Which is great.
No Regen is ok when you use the leech gem or Warlords Mark.
Immune to Curses makes it slow but still possible

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