voltaxic La FW crit pierceSpeed Demon 2.2

my crit LA frostwall pierce focused on speed .

Not original. but my take on an excellent build that can clear fast and move fast with full reflect immunity.

class: Scion
Ascension class : Berserker / Assasin (Leech/ Crit chance)

tree at level 92 (speed focused)


class: Scion
Ascension class : Berserker / Assasin (Leech/ Crit chance)



optional gear for max speed and reduced life/res (cadiro hunting)



norm = oak (life)
cruel = kraitlyn (Kill all is also ok)
merc = alira (crit focused and b/c power charges cost more points on tree)

Main skill Gem setup

-add light
-inc crit /void manip / poison

Lab is 0 fun. Free the ascension points from lab
Last bumped on May 19, 2016, 3:44:53 PM


There you go. I strongly reccomend reading Revamped skills section, it will help you improve your build...

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