(Added Video) Electrified Punkheads[2.2] Classic nec + SRS and Midnight Bargain, ft. Charge-O-Rama!

This is my first guide ever. More of a build reference, maybe, since I am not providing leveling trees.

If you see me on (I sometimes jabber in global) feel free to hit me up and ask me any questions.

IGN The_Skin

Is this build for me?

If you're one of those people who isn't satisfied with one-button builds (spark, SRS, even curse-on-hit classic summoner), this one will seem like piano finger exercises by comparison!

If you enjoy lots of pandemonium on your screen, feeling like the commander of an army of destruction, and having your weapon egg you on, "Hahaha! YES! MORE!", this may be fun for you. It's not a meta-clearspeed build. You can only get 15% max speed on the BIS boots, and with mistress of sacrifice and flesh offering up, you can expect 40% or so move speed increase. Still, I'm averaging about 60 million xp/hr in the dried lake at level 75. Not too bad.

Video of a quick and dirty dunes map:


Notes on Leveling

To follow this guide, you'll have to be relatively familiar with PoE's damage-stacking mechanics as they pertain to minions, and have a good leveling plan for yourself. Some people like Infernal Blow. Me, I go the ghetto Gucci route. Every piece a cheap unique. I might make a general leveling guide since I've found my leveling style to work better (faster) for me than any other suggested styles I've come across. In fact I level pretty much as fast as I can run through all the areas, right up into late cruel.

Just to give you an idea, I use Malachai's simula, hyrri's bite, storm cloud, wanderlust (upgrade to lioneye's paws when you can), lochtonial caress, karui ward, Meginord's girdle, 2x kaom's sign (unless you have better LGOH rings) with split arrow, added lightning, added cold, and add life gain on hit, slower proj and chain as i can, in a tabula. sometimes i'll run with Asphyxia's Wrath instead of Hyrri's bite, if I feel like sleep-leveling. 2 healing flasks and 3 quicksilvers make short work of just about every area.

I was reading a thread on poison bleed degen spectres recently, and was thinking that there could be more utility in the build if it made use of bloodlust, and was able to put zombies and spectres both on a 6-link (for 2 effective 5-links).

I've had some good initial results, and I haven't even gotten my ascendancy points yet.


I opted for melee spectres obviously, because I want them to share links with my zombies. So upon searching for the best melee spectres, I found that the Undying Grapplers were considered to be the best of a bad lot. Seriously, GGG, we need to do something about that. Anyway, the universal opinion is "Grapplers suck because they don't discharge or flicker enough!"

And I thought about that. For days. And I decided that I would conduct an experiment. One that has resulted in a qualified success (since I don't have Mistress of Sacrifice yet). I've discovered a reliable way to feed a steady stream of charges to my flicker-discharge bros.

(Update: I've gone and swapped out Jack the Axe for Midnight Bargain. It's just too good not to.)



This shield, with necromantic aegis, provides plentiful frenzy charges and some power charges by spamming SRS. It is also aided by every hit by every one of my 9 zombies and 3 spectres and animated guardian. with 20 srs up, and 9 zombies, and 3 spectres, and the AG, that's 33 mobs hitting a couple of times a second for 5% chance to generate a frenzy charge on each hit. Everyone receives the charge except for the one who generated it.

HUGE BONUS FOR PARTY PLAY: Every nearby ally gets these charges. That's me, the other minions, AND members of my party! (Everyone loves frenzy charges, right?)

Basically, I huck
into a pack using ST+GMP+Curse on Hit+Elemental weakness (to boost Anger and Wrath effectiveness) and everything starts bleeding, which enables Bloodlust's "(40 to 59)% more Melee Physical Damage", which scales with Minion Damage's "Minions deal (30 to 49)% more Damage", which both scale Poison! For single target I further scale poison with Melee Physical Damage's "(30 to 49)% more Melee Physical Damage" and for packs I use Melee Splash (which at 20%q still gives you 10% increased MPD). It appears that the frenzy charge generation works slightly better with splash.

Along with the Elemental weakness, I have Vulnerability and Temp Chains from

My plan is eventually to color the gloves B-R-R-? for a CWDT setup using Portal, IC, and discipline on board. Discipline will just be there if it has to because of shortness of sockets. I might slot in a vaal disc and use a higher level CDWT. If i do go with that route, I'll probably swap out elemental weakness for Warlord's Mark and add Elemental equilibrium, adding lightning damage to a piece of jewelry.

I MAY AT SOME POINT [did] sub out Jack, the Axe for a Midnight Bargain and link a separate spectre with GMP (which would be a knitted horror) for applying the bleed, as honestly my fingers get too damn busy sometimes. We'll see how my sockets work out.


I also run the following flasks

with the unique belt

and whenever running into a blue pack or tough rare, I just hit silver, stibnite, and sulphur. If there's a tough elemental boss like the head fire dog on the pier, I also hit basalt. If the boss is a tough phys, I hit the granite. I'm shopping for a cheap Rumi's as well, to replace the granite. But honestly, I'm not sure if it'll be better. The avenger's granite fills up awfully fast...

I was considering using Forbidden Taste as an uber-healer, and just mitigate the chaos damage with the passive nodes I have already allocated (see tree) and popping a sulphur. It's important to remember that sulphur grants 40% increased damage; that's everything from phys to discharges to poison (poison double-dips)

Minions? What minions?

As I mentioned, I'm using zombies and undying grapplers (preferably from the tier 4 map, promenade, as they are much better than the act 3 equivalent, obviously) linked thusly:

RZ + RS + MinDmg + Bloodlust + Poison + (Melee Splash/Melee Phys. Dmg)
Everything here is more or increased phys damage, which all contributes to the POISON. I expect the degen to become real in late-game. If i can find a lowlife occultist auramancer to run with, we will tear shit up.

SRS i'm currently running with spell echo only, since I need purity of fire until i can sort out my resistances. Filling in the tree will help a lot. Ideally I would run SRS with multistrike.

Animate Guardian
Get him equipped with southbound gloves (nice % life increase), Zahndethus' cassock, consecrated ground is nice, and AOE gem will make it bigger, as well as the auras from the leer cast and dying breath. Sin Trek and quality on gem will make him FAST, and life-leech-proof. Alternately you can put a good life roll, bad res roll Belly of the Beast on him, if you want max survivability. Another option, if you want to max out his aura radius, is a crap roll carcass, which can be had really cheap. Honestly with the shield (through Necromantic Aegis) and staff, he's pretty darn tanky.

Current vs. Ideal Gear and Gems

Currently using:

The gloves aren't the right color yet for my CWDT setup, and i'm not making full use of every slot, obviously. As you can see, my gems aren't leveled up properly. I'm doing this as a proof-of-concept so far, but I like it so much I might make it into my main, and then I'll pull my leveled gems out of my other summoner (or respec that one to match this build, might be easier).


helm vertex bbrr

chest 6l ES with res
min dmg
MPD/Melee splash

weapon jack the axe BRR
SRS echo Multistrike

shield vic char BBR
AG, minion life, inc. aoe (dying breath, Leer cast, Zahndethus' cassock, sin trek, southbound gloves)

gloves B R * R
asenath gloves with vuln (or elemental weakness, your choice)
discipline cwdt portal ic

Boots BBGG
30% movespeed ES boots with resists (2 spectres) or Bones of Ullr (50% more spectre damage)
ST GMP CoH Enfeeble/Ele weak/assmark/punishment

Unset with desecrate

Unset with flesh offering

(I did say this isn't a speed build, right?)


Oak, kill, kill or frenzy. I will probably eventually go for frenzy charge and run poacher's mark in my curse on hit for the flask charges.


Current (lvl 77/100 points)

Lvl 100
If I get a + curse corruption on my boots, I will focus on more life and res (maybe rarity) on my amulet and drop the sidhebreath. My tree will look like this, give or take:

And that's it!

Have fun with it. I sure am! These Grapplers flicker and discharge all over the place if you give them enough charges.
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Well, I found out on Reddit that feeding Grapplers charges with the shield isn't exactly a new idea. But I haven't seen any guides yet mention using Jack, the Axe with minions in order to proc bleed for bloodlust.
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Ah well...

I went ahead and did it. I dropped Jack and bloodlust. Slotted in Melee Physical Damage instead of bloodlust, and am now using arc to curse on hit (using poacher's mark for the flask fill). The nice thing is that now I have an extra green socket.

It's so nice to be able to spam onslaught, and 4 dischargers is 33% more than 3, and I'm only losing 10% by going with MPD instead of bloodlust.

The End.
Further update:

With my ascendancy choices (mistress of sacrifice, Flesh Binder, and Soul Weaver, the Granite flask is completely unnecessary. The overwhelming onslaught of my 10 zombies and 4 dischargers (with my animate guardian and stone golem) practically stunlocks most bosses unless they're surrounded by too many minions. This is at tier 4 map stage.

So I run a second silver flask, for the yuks. 100% uptime if i choose, totally unnecessary.

Umbilicus is BIS for this setup, no doubt.
Added video
sorry for no sound
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Are you able to update your gear with the new changes you have discovered? It's really confusing to read "this gear I swapped" but still showing the "inferior" gear anyway. Thanks!
Sorry for no reply for so long. I've been away, and then played in league on my other account since then. My bad.

here's my current setup for this character. Still not minmaxed but hey I'm only level 88. Probably should make a new guide.


I don't have curses quite sorted out. I might spec out of whispers of doom to get more ES, since I'm very vulnerable to bleeds and have the + curse amulet anyway. If i can buy myself a couple of seconds more to react, that will help a lot.
(open inventory, pull the belt, hit a bleed flask, replace the belt, close inventory)

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