Patch 2.2.2c has been deployed!

Patch Notes:
  • Added nine new Divination Cards.
  • Changed the golden texture of Perandus monsters. It is now more subtle.
  • Minions created by Glove Enchantments can no longer be chained from.
  • Damage caused by Glove Enchantments can no longer be reflected.
  • Fixing a bug where the Perandus Archive could appear before the level which allowed it to drop maps, resulting in it being opened with no maps being dropped.
  • Fixed some issues where some Perandus monsters would not attack.
  • Fixed a bug with Leap Slam when used by Ranger wielding a staff.

Eight of the nine Divination Cards posted in the news last week are being implemented. The Devastator has been temporarily excluded and Rain Tempter has been added.

By the way the voting for the Perandus Competitive Events is going really well! We really appreciate everyone who has participated in the polls to let us know your thoughts on the upcoming two-week events. There's still time to vote! The polls will close 20 hours from now. We'll then post news to confirm the community's choices.
Last bumped on May 12, 2016, 7:50:28 AM

First post hype......

And pls guys,vote for SelfFound....
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Last edited by Kageru on May 3, 2016, 3:21:18 AM
The Devastator card looks cool, hope it can be released soon.
Corrupt content.ggpk bugger.............First page lol
Self found ftw :-)
Last edited by kiviking on May 3, 2016, 2:29:42 PM
A 9/9 card set for a 73 lvl map? What the fuck is wrong with you guys?
Bullshit makes the flowers grow
9 cards for a strand map? Gimme a break lol
Manator wrote:
A 9/9 card set for a 73 lvl map? What the fuck is wrong with you guys?

If it's anything like Rain of Chaos, nothing.
Designing Cospri's Will:
Designing Cospri's Malice:
Iron Heart & Iron Fortress too!
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I leave rain of chaos on the ground.

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