[2.2] Another Sparker - My take on crit sparker - 112K tooltip!

Hello everyone, I made a Sparker too this league. I usually go into leagues with some not flavour of the month build and then start a second one that is FOTM, but with my own twist.

About me

I'm a softcore player, I always play leagues. I prefer softcore over hardcore, because I can constantly test the limits of my characters, which is something I'm not comfortable to do in hardcore. Also, I live in Canada and the connection between me and the US servers aren't always right, so I prefer not to play hardcore. Both playing modes are equaly interresting, just mainly different.

Also, my main language is french so go easy on me.

This league I built those characters :
  • Crit dagger reave
  • Crit Sparker
  • Vaal molten shell flameblast

Link to my profile

Let's go on with the build!


More will be coming soon.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Crit or Chaos?
I asked myself :"Should I make it chaos or not?" And then "Should I make it crit or not?"
I realised that not crit would let me use a dagger, which would skyrocket my clearspeed. Then, if I use a dagger, why not be crit?

Which class?
Interresting choices :
  • Ascendant : Best overall, Deadeye is a must, for the other one, Berserker is hard to beat. Assassin could also be good, but outshined by Berserker. And you don't need much more crit.
  • Elementalist : Cool for conflux and Beacon of Ruin
  • Pathfinder : Nice one too for potions, I like my potions
  • Inquisitor : Since we're crit, Inevitable Judgement is strong, but the start is really far to get that needed 100% pierce.

Life, CI or Low Life?
Imo Life is best for survivability, and Low life is best for damage. But since the damage is more than enough, why getting into trouble by going low life? Also, you loose the possibility of that juicy 7L.

Pro and cons

  • Really really Fast clear
  • Versatility (can just pick up a voltaxic + drillneck + Atziri's promise to switch to chaos)
  • Can do most content
  • Not to expensive to start
  • Did I already say really really fast clear speed?

  • Not the best build to do Atziri, you can do her by swapping to a voltaxic though.
  • Can be costly
  • Reflect can cause you trouble
  • Your friends will be mad because they can't keep up

Passive tree

My character at Level 92 :

Ideal lvl 100

  • Normal : Oak = +40 life
  • Cruel : Kill all = Skill point
  • Merciless : Alira or Kraytin = +1 power or frenzy charge (I chose Alira)


Musts: None!!! Most important one would be the gloves, but not 100% needed.

Armour: BIS: Lioneye's vision.
It cost me 11025 chromatics to get those colors, very costly (at 12:1c, it's really expensive). For this armour, get any yellow armour like the one I had. I suggest a EV/ES chest so if you want to recolor for chaos, it's easy to do. Best colors for crit spark are 4B2G. For lioneye's vision are 5B1G, but you can settle for 4B1G1R like I did.

Helmet: BIS: Rare +2 spark proj helm. Life > Res
Anything, goes here. Get the +2 spark proj enchantment.

Gloves: BIS: Winds of change.
They give you everything. They don't give a big tooltip dps boost like facebreakers, but that faster projectiles is still needed. Makes life easier. Facebreakers and/or shadows and dust are a good choices too, but your projectiles are slower which doesn't feel as nice.

Boots: No BIS. At least 30 MS > Life > Res
I liked the idea of the Seven-League Step. Makes it easier, especially for lab and with Winds of change. Since I had a broken diamond ring for resists, I decided to use that. The life and mana leech enchantement is very good, almost necessary.

Belt: Rare. Life > flask effect duration / flask charges gained > Res
Here fill up your resists in priority. But if you can get flasks mods, it's best if you can fill your resists elsewhere.

Amulet: Rare. Spell damage / Lightning Damage > Crit multi > Cast speed > Life > Crit Chance
You can also get Victario's acuity, but a good spell damage + crit multi + cast speed amulet will be way stronger. Just run CoH + Blood rage for charges.

Rings: Rare: Life > Res > Crit chance > Cast speed > lightning damage
Just fill your resists here and get as much life as possible.

Weapons: Rare.
I chose a dagger and a scepter. The dagger for Whirling Blades, so I took one with a high attack per second. The scepter is mainly for the cast speed mod, cast speed makes you clear faster and is a big dps boot. try to get a combination of spell damage + spell crit chance + Crit multi + Added damage to spells.
For the added damage to spells, try to get cold. It will help with your freezing to get more power charges.

Potions: BIS: Vessel of Vinktar
For your vinktar, get lightning penetration.
For other potions, it's about your preference. I liked the onslaught one, and the diamond flask. Get the Grounding suffix on another utility flask.
My flask setup :
  • Eternal life flask with remove bleeding, not instant
  • Instant divine flask with remove freeze (for boxes)
  • Vessel of vinktar
  • Silver flask of grounding (mine is surgeon, but not needed)
  • diamond flask of warding (removing curse is good)


Main links (in order of importance) :
Spark > Echo > Pierce > Faster projectiles > Lightning penetration > Increased critical strike chance > Increased critical damage/Increased duration
Increased critical strike chance is a way bigger increase to dps than increased critical damage, so it's our 6th link.
Elemental focus is a no-go, you don'T want to lose those juicy shock an freeze.

Movement skills :
Whirling Blades > Faster attacks > Fortify/Leap Slam
instead of leap slam, you can get Flame Dash linked to faster casting if you don't use a scepter.

Auras + heralds :
Herald of Ice > Curse on hit > Assassin's mark > Herald of thunder
This is 50% mana reserved. For the rest you can either have purity of lightning, arctic armour or clarity. I prefer purity of lightning since it's a protection against reflect. But you need a high mana pool.

Vaal skills :
Increased duration > Vaal clarity > Vaal haste
Vaal clarity is most important, it makes your clear speed much faster, since you don't have to worry about mana. Also, with that you can do no regen and half regen maps. Vaal haste speaks for itself. Here add in blood rage in your links.

Power charge generation against bosses
Orb of storm > Power charge on crit > Increased critical strike chance

Other links :
  • Lightning golem: best for dps + whirling blades, gives more dps than fire or ice golem
  • Blood rage: Getting frenzy charges
  • Rallying cry: If you need mana. If your links permit it, try to put it with your increased duration

I'm telling you, you won't have enough room on your spell bar, so you must make sacrifice.


Offence, In hideout

Offence, with charges

Offence, with charges + potions + vaal haste


Questions and answers

Ask me questions, I'll add them here.
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looks like hc viable
Completed 25 Challengesgoosja90 wrote:
looks like hc viable

I wouldn't play that in HC... Too risky, though I could still drop some dps and get more life, but why do that when you can just go BM + Voltaxic, get a lot more life and immune to reflect? This is not a build for HC, it's a build specifically aimed at a very fast map clear speed and a ton of damage for a lot of fun.

Some people like to play SC too!
but ill try to play hc anyway , ty. IT gona work :D
How do you deal with mana issues?
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Build is pretty good. Only level 70, underleveled gems, no jewels, and missing deadeye ascendancy and a bunch of damage on the tree. But I'm still at 23k tooltip in hideout. Haven't had any problems surviving T12 maps so far. Working well for how much I have invested. Good work.

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