[2.2] Berserker/Deadeye CoC Quill Rain

This may be a work in progress for a while, but thought i'd knock up a quick build guide to my cast on crit quill rain character. Inspired in part by Mathil and Liftingnerdbro builds, but I have done a few things differently. Interested to see what people think/get any suggestions for improvements.

No videos yet - never recorded one, but could try if people are keen to see it in action.

Build Concept

Concept is simple,cast on crit proccing multiple projectile spells, with enough crit chance to be consistent, but mainly relying on the insane attack speed from quill rain. We get synergy from the projectile speed for our spells, and then scale projectile damage both directly and via our pierce chance/drillneck.
Decent lifepool and evasion chance with acro/phase acro + arrow dancing for defense. 50% crit chance before charges.
My exact setup is quite specific to my gear, but there are a few variations depending on wht you have/how you want to build.

My Character
GpuMelt https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Carlovski/characters

Currently level 83, 5.2k life and 13k evasion with 40/46% dodge/spell dodge


- Fast clear speed
- Fairly decent lifepool and defenses
- Can be started quite cheaply, but scales well with investment
- Can start using endgame skills around level 40
- Mana issues taken care of by a single jewel - no elreon jewellery needed.

- Not a tank though
- Gearing at the top end gets tricky/expensive. Resistances/stats in particular.
- Single target can be a little erratic. Knockback sometimes causes issues as it knocks bosses into scenery.
- Reflect and corrupting blood can both be nasty.

Ascendency choice


A few options here - I will just cover the Scion ones, there are other guides for pure Assassin.

There are 3 main subclasses you could go for, Deadeye, Assassin and Berserker.

I personally think Deadeye is a no-brainer for this build. Extra projectile for your spells and barrage, Pierce Chance, projectile speed and bonus damage based on distance.

So left with 2 options for support (Pathfinder would be a possible, but that means we can't go deadeye, so ruling it out)

Berserker - More damage, with a minor damage taken penalty, but really we just take this for the life leech.

Assassin - Flat crit chance, power charge on hit against full life, Maim (underrated this, adds a bit of safety) and a bit of bonus multi.

I have gone Berserker, but assassin may well be a better choice, but you will need to rely on flasks for leech (Atziri flask + maybe a vinktar). Which is fine until they run out/you forget to use them. Berserker makes it all a bit more consistent and simpler.

If you run Assassin, I would probably drop the lethality cluster, you will have enough crit, and I'd want to use facebreakers to take advantage of the extra spell crit.

Berserker/Assassin is an option too - in which case you would want to drop freezing pulse and run a pierce gem instead.



Current Build at lvl 83
Note that I have taken a paint in the profane chemistry cluster - this is likely to be placeholder until I get enough points to get to the scion life cluster and respec.

Planned build at level 91
A few notes on the tree - I do things a little differently to the other builds I've seen.

- Taking Golem's blood and delaying the scion life cluster. I hate running Blood rage without enough life regen, and we struggle to get it on this build. Routing to Golem's blood rather than the scion life nodes helps here. We go via projectile damage nodes so not too bad. It also puts us in reach of a 2 point jewel socket.

- Jewel sockets and random dex nodes. To run 2 volley fire jewels we need to grab these 2 sockets, and get the superfluous dex nodes. May revert back to just one, not sure yet. Other option is to grab the acuity cluster for 3 points rather than the dex node. Gives attack speed and accuracy. If you are only running one piece of accuracy gear, I recommend this.

- Shadow projectile damage vs More life. Up to you if you take the proj damamge nodes or fill out the life cluster (You can do both if you hit mid/high 90s). Depends on gear and how comfortable you feel.

- Jewel sockets. I need to use one for a pure defense life/resists jewel at the moment. You also need at least one jewel with +2 mana on hit. It's worth taking another 2 point socket - go for life/damage or more resists if you need. If you can get a really good jewel, taking the 3 point one behind the 2 4% proj damage nodes may be worth it too.

- Master of the Arena. It may be worth taking this just for the regen. If you need the strength (And if you run Kaom's strength is important) then it's definitely worth.



Normal - Help Oak
Cruel - Kill all/Help Kraityn (attack speed)
Merciless - Help Kraityn (Frenzy charge)

Gear Choices- Gear is a juggling act on this build, unless you have almost perfect gear you can't get crit everywhere. So may be a choice of where to drop it to get the best stats across all of your gear.


Bow - Quill rain. I guess you could use a crit/attack speed rare, but really this is a Quill Rain build. Try and get the highest projectile speed you can. If you aren't using Kaoms, doesn't need to be 5/6l if you have a linked chest.

Chest - Lots of options.

- Kaom's - Most life, but no resists or evasion and you need a linked bow (ideally 6l)

- Belly of The beast - Good compromise, decent life, bit of resist and links. I used one from lvl 46- lvl 70

- Hyrris Ire - I like this chest, good evasion and extra dodge. No life or resists though

- An Evasion rare. If you can get one with high life/evasion and ideally resists then it's a good option. Makes gearing a lot easier, plus won't need to run Grace. 6ls are cheaper than ever now too if you don't insist on a top tier base.

- Queen of the Forest, Might be a cheaper option than the rare. Nice movespeed too.

- Lightning coil. Very good choice but capping resists would be tricky. Would probably need to use two-stone rings and drop a unique or two

- Tabula - Fine for levelling. Can be used endgame if you are careful and can cap resists/get life elsewhere.

Helm - Rat's nest is BiS I feel. Other options are Starkonja's asa compromise option, or a life/resists rare, ideally with accuracy.

Gloves - A few options here too

- Maligaro's - No longer the automatic choice for crit builds, but still good, and cheap now. If your crit chance is lacking, use these.

- Shadow's and Dust - Fairly cheap in Perandus, but not if you want a good roll pair. Unholy Might doesn't give us that much as only a bit of our damage is physical. Good chance/multi compromise.

- Facebreakers - Lots of multi, and cheap. Only really recommend if using Assassin though.

- Winds of Change - No crit, but proj speed, proj damage and bit of life. Not tried but probably a solid option. Reduced move speed though

- Rares with accuracy life and resists. Could get attack speed too if you can spare the resists.

Quiver - Either a rare with crit chance, multi, life and projectile speed or a drillneck. I'd recommend the rare until you have fully rounded out your crit and life total, then switch to drillneck (once you have got 100% pierce of course)

Boots - Options again

- Blood dance. Passive frenzy generation and life regen. Not a bad option.

- Darkray Vectors. Frenzy charge and more dodge. Decent choice, especially if you can get a +1 frenzy corrupt pair

- Atziri's steps - Spell dodge, life and move speed. No resists though.

- Rare, with life, move speed and resists. Please get move speed, we have no whirling blades!


- Victario's acuity could work. Not tried it though
- A rare with ideally Accuracy, life, crit mult and crit chance. As you will probably need stats as well, will have to drop one of the suffixes unless you can get enough stats on rings. If you can get the trifecta amulet and you have to take a +30 stat node on the tree it is worth it though - can't magic up another +30 crit chance/multi node on the tree.


- Ideally diamond rings with life/resists/stats. But they are expensive and you may struggle to cap resists. So may need 1 or both to be two-stone/prismatics.

Belt - no good unique options, so a leather/heavy belt (if you need Strength) with life and resists. Flask mods are great if you can fit them in too.


You need at least 1 volley fire jewel (I'm running 2, but may drop one), and 1 jewel with mana on hit. Other than that get life/spell damage/proj damage/crit multi where you can with stats/resists if necessary.

My Gear

Notes on my gear

Bow - got a 6l as I'm running Kaom's. 5l would be fine though. I just chain linked high proj speed ones, selling the 5ls until I hit it. They are selling quite well currently so wasn't too expensive. I also had a bunch of currency left so bought one more later, and that went straight to a 6l too - was tempted to keep as a swap weapon with different colours for reflect maps or vaal, but just sold in the end.

Chest - Kaom's as mentioned. More because I have never used one before!

Helm - For my variant you NEED the grace reduced mana reserved enchant. Otherwise you will have to grab mana reservation nodes if you want to run grace, or drop a herald. Might be just doable with a level 4 enlighten too. Helm only cost me 30c though.

Gloves - was running shadows and dust while I was still running purity of elements, but I had to drop them.
acy. No enchant at the moment, need to be careful on gloves though as they can backfire on reflect maps.
ES Gloves not ideal, evasion would be better but there these were cheap, and made getting colours easy. Could probably go back to them if I run another resist jewel, but I'm happy with life and accur

Quiver - Drillneck, as mentioned was using a nice 60% crit chance, crit multi, life and proj speed quiver until recently. If your crit chance is low, probably the best choice for consistency.

Amulet - No crit multi unfortunately. I need the stats. Might possibly be able to get a better damage one if I grab a +30 int node, but it is likely to be expensive. Or could drop accuracy and grab the acuity cluster.

Boots - I like spell dodge. The enchant is nice too, not sure if it counts on reflected damage though.


Flasks are very important - especially for this build
My flasks

Diamond flask is essential to up or crit chance.
Quicksilver as we don't have a consistent movement skill
Seething life flask for panic moments. I like staunching on my life flasks as it's a single oh-shit button, but you may prefer on something longer lasting with more charges.

Atziri flask gives us more leech and non reflectable damage

I wouldn't change those 4. As a 5th you have a few options.I run a stibnite but you could choose

- Sulphur flask for damage and regen.
- Taste of Hate for some mitigation
- Basalt for more phys mitigation
- Vesses of Vinktar for damage/leech (Don't recommend as would also need to get grounding on another flask)
- Another life flask if you like the safety net
- Silver flask for attack speed

Getting curse removal on one of the magic ones might be a good idea too - I just don't have room currently.

Links and skills


Main attack

Barrage - Cast on Crit - Increased Crit - Spark - Ethereal Knives - Freezing Pulse

For a 5l, just drop FP. You can run a 4l, use either spark or EK depending on what you prefer. But I'd really want at least a 5l to be comfortable.


Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder - Curse on Hit - Assassin's Mark

Adds damage to our spells, and gives us power charges. HoI helps with clear speed from the explosions and HoT blows up objects for us too


Grace - Enlighten (at least level 2) - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste/Vaal Grace

Enlighten not stricly necessary, just have enough mana without it, but it lets us miss a few shots. Also lets us cast blood rage with fiddling with auras. Not quite enough unreserved to cast ice golem though, until I level a bit more or enlighten gets to level 3.
If you can't/don't want or don't need to run Grace you can run a purity. I keep purity of elements on swap for ele weakness maps.

More utility

Blood rage - Portal - Ice Golem - Blink Arrow

Just my utility pieces. Doesn't need to be linked. If you don't use portal you can put in a support for your golem or for blink arrow.

As I use Kaom's, that's it. If you aren't there are a few other options you can use

frenzy - power charge on crit - gmp (You can add a curse on hit too if you like/have the links). Gives us charge generation for bosses/curse immune/no regen maps

CWDT setup of your choice

A pure single target setup - not sure this is really worth it, and would need another 6l.

Quality gems and levels

Try and get quality on your spell gems for even more projectile speed - you don't want to have to re-level your spells. Less important for the rest of the gems, though it is nice on cast on crit, increased crit and barrage.

Keep your barrage at lvl 3 or lower to keep the base mana cost at 7

Map mods

Most map mods are ok, but some you will need to prepare for and some you will want to avoid##

Phys reflect - Just swap out EK. I have been replacing with pierce for the damage multiplier.

Ele Reflect. You can run them, take out spark and freeze pulse and just use EK. You can swap in controlled destruction and increased crit damage if you like. Be careful as the heralds mean you still do a bit of ele damage, and a big HoI explosion can do a bit of damage. Should be fine with leech though. Don't run in combination with -max resists, or with a very tanky boss.

Ele Weakness- Swap in purity of elements for enlighten and use instead of grace.

Blood Magic - runnable,just don't run any heralds or auras. On hard maps I'd sell/skip if you can though as it is annoying. You can switch in a clear mind jewel for your mana on hit if you can be bothered.

Temp chains - annoying as ever. Skip if you can afford to!

Enfeeble - As with all crit builds, we get double hit here. Might be best to skip depending on the map and the mods.



My plan for leveling was (bear in mind this was my 5th character of the league so had plenty of twinking gear)

1-10 Self casting spark/EK - didn't even bother grabbing lifesprig or anything.
10 - 40 - Storm cloud and a tabula with elreon jewellery. Used split arrow, added lightning, added cold, faster attacks - weapon ele + burning arrow (for single target). Put a static electricity jewel in the slot you are going to use for volley fire and you are set. Used HoI and wrath for auras.

40 + started using quill rain CoC. A little inconsistent to start with but diamond flask helps.

Level 46 I equipped a Belly I had in stash. I'd not taken much life on tree up to that point so was helpful.

Tree wise, bee-line for the Shadow area first, then fill out the crit nodes and life as needed. You will probably have to grab at least one stat node temporarily too.

I can add levelling trees later if anyone wants.

Play Style

Pretty simple. Cast your ice golem, turn on blood rage and go to town.
You need to make heavy use of your flasks, try and keep the diamond and atziri flasks up at all times, they should refill pretty quickly. You should have pretty much permanent uptime on vaal haste too (or vaal grace if you are going more defensive)

The knockback will keep your pretty safe, and most things die fairly instantly anyway.
Bosses can be a bit erratic sometimes, especially if they don't have adds. Hopefully that will improve when my gems finish levelling and I have grabbed a bit more damage on the tree.

Be very careful around corrupting blood and lightning thorns - with the insane attack speed of quill rain- barrage, especially with 6 frenzy charges and vaal haste up you can build up charges very quickly!
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