[PHC] Melee Ranger: 10k HP, 58-103k DPS



Fortify -> added fire damage + Lion's Roar + Taste of Hate




30 passives
60 passives
90 passives
113 passives (93 lvl)



Normal - Oak
Cruel - Oak
Merc - Kraityn

6L: Dual Strike + Melee Physical Damage + Faster Attacks + Melee Splash + Fortify + Multistrike

4L: Blood Rage + Leap Slam + Increased Duration + Faster Attacks

4L: Hatred + Herald of Ash + Summon Flame Golem + Decoy Totem

4L: Vengeance + Stun + Endurance Charge on Melee Stun + Curse on the choice

Coming Soon
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Look's very cool but I am very puzzled about your choice to go for Raider - especially the route you took since make 0 investment into frenzy charges. Why not Duelist (Gladiator for the additional block chance or Champion for freeing up fortify gem + extra movement speed), Marauder (Juggernaut + switch out Kaom's with a high armor / 100+ life rare 6L rare) or even another Raider route?

Also what is your standard flask setup :)?
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Frankenberry wrote:
go for Raider

this is a tradition :)

Frankenberry wrote:
frenzy charges

I plan to take +1 frenzy on 94 lvl, and further +1 frenzy on 96 lvl

Frankenberry wrote:
Also what is your standard flask setup :)?


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How the fuck do you sustain Mana??? o.O
Heavenssoul wrote:
How the fuck do you sustain Mana??? o.O

Life and mana leech node by vit void in duelist area.
Its all a ranger needs. and its even attack damage. so, phys vs elem is irrelevant.

Your thoughts on the new lacerate skill, is it better or worse than dual strike, and why, thanks :^)
Why armour over evasion? lots of evasion scaling taken from the tree (incl. ascendancy). hmm
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ExileTrade - http://exiletrade.github.io/
if you used lacerate you could possibly replace melee splash with something to boost ur damage.
Any updates? Has anyone tried it? I'd gladly play some WoE build finally, and that 10k HP looks really decent for my HC needs.

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