Skill Reveal - Spirit Offering

Spirit Offering consumes corpses to grant a portion of physical damage added as chaos damage and a portion of life added as energy shield to your minions when it is used. The more corpses consumed, the greater the energy shield granted. It also instantly recovers the same amount of energy shield, so can be used to save your minions that are close to death. Like the other Offering skills, Spirit Offering's buff effects lasts longer for each corpse consumed.

As Spirit Offering cares about the number of corpses consumed, positioning it tactically and timing it well is more important than with the other Offering skills. It is also very powerful when used by a Necromancer with the Mistress of Sacrifice node, as the Energy Shield buff is modified by effects that increase Energy Shield, and being able to restore a portion of Energy Shield instantly can be a life-saver.

Here's a video of Spirit Offering in action:

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finally some summoner stuff. i'v been waiting for this.
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