[2.3 Pathfinder] CI Mjölner with Spark

Guide updated for 2.3
Uber Atziri viable CI Mjölner with 2x Spark build.
Build was not nerfed with spark nerf, it still clears maps and kills bosses as fast as it did before, but due to ascendancy buffs its performing better then before and its a bit easier to gear.

[2.3 patch]
Waterways map run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBSnKjyFm4w
Lvl 93 character

[2.2 patch]
Gorge map run - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvkbjBESIi0
Lvl 89 character, 2x lvl 19 spark without quality, lvl 17/20% lighting pen.

Skill Tree
Level 93 skill tree

Bandits: Normal - Kill all / Cruel - Kraityn (8% attack speed) / Merciless - Alira (+1 Power charge)

Ascendancy: Pathfinder - pick Nature's Adrenaline, Nature's Boon, Master Alchemist and Master Surgeon

Current Gear





Build explanation
Pathfinder is chosen for obvious reason - Master Surgeon ascendancy. It enables permanent uptime on Vessel of Vinktar which makes the character immortal against anything that cannot oneshot trough 10k es with Fortify up.

I recommend using 2 flasks with 10% lightning penetration. I don't have non-legacy Vinktar flasks so i cannot record a map run with those, but as long as you have all ascendancy points you'll have no trouble playing this build without legacy gear.

Weapon is of course Mjölner.

There's not a lot of difference between legacy and non-legacy version except when fighting rare monsters and bosses, you dont need legacy gear.

Chest - get as much Energy Shield and resistances as possible. Strength is also welcome. You dont need a 6L, 5L will work just fine, just drop faster attacks or put Lighting Strike in a 4L.

Shield - same as chest.

Gloves - same as chest, but also look for accuracy and attack speed.

Boots - Skyforth

They're mandatory as they provide stun resistance and generate power charges.

Jewellery - accuracy and attributes (strength and intelligence if needed) are a priority. After that you want as much resistances, ES, %ES and spell/lighting damage as possible.

Jewels - look for attributes if needed, if not look for attack speed, spell damage, lighting damage, crit multi and % es.

Flasks - you dont need legacy surgeon's flasks, 30% chance to generate flask charge on crit combined with a lot of Sparks, Lighting strike and Molten strike projectiles will fill up any flask before it's duration expires. I recommend using Quicksilver and a Basalt with 2x Vinktar. Last flask spot could be a dps flask (Diamond or Silver flask) or defensive flasks (Rumi's, Ruby, Sapphire, Jade and so on). Pick whichever you feel works best for you.

I will update this with frequently asked questions if there's enough interest in the build.

Leveling Guide
If you can afford a gear needed for this build, you've played the game long enough to not need a leveling guide.
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you think would work well with this build scion and can take ascendancy pathfinder and assassin , and his boot has a high value , would have another possibility to adapt a cheaper value ? But one thing you do consiguiu atziri or tier 12 ++ maps + ? I'm grateful , I hope looking forward for your reply because I found it very cool to build
Updated guide for 2.3
Rip with dual spark no longer working?

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