[2.2] The Shotgun - Chin Sol Ice Shot/Fire arrow - High AOE/single target dmg - Atziri down

Hi Folks,

This is my first build guide, and my english is what it is, I hope it'll be good enough.

Its a pretty simple build really, using Ice shot to kill very fast trash mobs, and fire arrow to quickly kill bosses. Its a bit like the Railgun build, using Chin sol and point blank but a lot better imo, because the railgun doesnt use GMP which makes it a pain to use.

The idea of the build

The Chin Sol and the Point Blank passive gives you 150% MORE dmg at close range, which is huge.
The Deadeyes Ascendancy Riccochet gives you a free chain for every hit and Far shot mitigate the penalty of Point blank.

To sum up : You use Ice shot with GMP and a lot of dmg support gem and everything on screen and beyond will explode (Thanks to the chain). You use Fire arrow on boss, it just does a ton of dmg, more on that later.


Pros :
- Very fast clear speed. Trash mobs explode before you even see them (Use a loot filter, for the sound of good drop offscreen).
- can be cheap or very expensive. I use 2x6L but since most gems are the same on both setup, you are pretty much as good with a 12c Tabula + a 1c Chin Sol and just change the gem for boss fights
- Fun to play, lots of crits makes everything chatters; you feal like a maniac with a shotgun.
- You do a lot of damage at ranged... but the closer mobs gets, the more dmg you do. Feals safe.

Cons :

- As of now I'm pretty low on hps, 4100, I might trade some dmg for more life.
- For physical reflect, Vaal pact/life nodes are god enough. For Ele. reflect, I swap Added Fire/weapn ele dmg for Life leech/Iron Grip. I strongly suggest a Taste of hate there, helps a lot since we do cold dmg mostly.

Gems Setup (in order of best use) :

ICE shot - GMP - PPAD - Weapon ele - added Fire Dmg - Inc. crit. dmg
Fire arrow - PPAD - Weapon Ele - added Fire - Inc. crit dmg - Inc Crit strike
Herald of ICe - Curse on crit - Assassin's mark - Cold to fire (thid is how you get Power charge).

The rest is as you want, I need to tweak it a little but you want :
Blood rage (for frenzy charges) - Vaal haste - Vaal grace - Hatred - Fire golem
Im using CoDT with phase but I'll change that, its pretty useles as is.
Safer bet would be CwDT+Immortal call + enduring cry. I'd have to drop vaal grace or get a ring with a slot.

My Gear / what to get :

The only thing mandatory is the Chin sol.
Then you want life/resists/crit chance/crit multi/weapon ele
Im using 3 uniques; which makes the rest of the slot pretty expansive.
Im probably gonna try to get an arrow more from a quiver

Bandits :

- normal : Oak
Then its up to you.
I took passive point and frenzy but +16% phy is good and power charge as well.

Passive Tree + Jewels :

Pretty simple, get the bow phys dmg nodes, then all the crit/crit multi you can get then life, vaal pact+life leech for those reflect maps. Finish with the elem dmg+pen.

Electricity jewel = 2.3k dmg on ice shot for me, pretty good.
Izaro turmoil doesnt show much on the tooltip but probably great for ice shot explosion.

Some stats :

In hideout, Defense :

In hideout, 34K ICe shot (GMP+chain)

In Hideout, 74,7k Fire arrow

With flasks + vaal haste, ICe shot 86k

With Flasks + vaal haste, Fire arrow 190k

To conclude, 86k AOE at range, 190K single shot, and that's before the +150% MORE from Chin sol+Point blank.

So get close, and blow them off!

Let me know what you think / would improve etc.
Last bumped on Jul 23, 2016, 2:53:22 PM
I've always loved Ice Shot and it's nice to see a Ranger build that isn't using Voltaxic right now, but how do you manage your mana? Without having Mana Leech linked to Ice Shot I run out of mana within two shots, do you have a solution for this?
Hi nice build!
Any news on the mana-question? Do you run clarity?

0.4% leeched as mana from physical is usually enough to sustain skills. We can see this is what OP have on the offensive screen, and it must come from a jewel.
The duelist leech wheel is also very good for that as the whole attack damage is leeched, not just physical. It's worth spending 2 points here to get 0.8% leeched as life and 0.4% leeched as mana.
Ranger builds list: /917964
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what skill is fire arrow?
Nekhebet wrote:
what skill is fire arrow?

OP meant Burning Arrow, of course. You just had to look at his gear.
I would like to know what the DPS is with two 5Ls and without Maligaro's. Capping resists with so many uniques sounds like a pain. I'm asking because I would like to try a budget version of this: two 5Ls and no Maligaro's (or no Rat's Nest).
Found 1 useless point, http://scr.hu/1zoy/lj2q0
This build is useless without a video
Look how Awesome my MTX Marauder RF looks

I really like this build, but have many negative points. I tried it one time and dont work, its still working on 2.3? Ill try again, and hope this time i do right.

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