[2.2] Low Life Witch - need help with a build

Hello fellow exiles,

Long story short I wanted to give a good ol' caster a go again. As it seems the game really want my to do one. This is a second league I found Shavs chest and I also got pledge of hands too.So I decided to try but I'm sort of torn as to which direction I should take it.

Before anything else, here is what I would don't want to do:

- no spark/arc
- no summoner/srs
- no chaos spells (forgot the name of it) I don't like the mechanics, the looks and generally anything about it
- no totems (did them to many times)
- no bladefall (to common, already did selfcast and trapper builds)

So please don't offer ideas relating to any of the above

So here is what I would like to work with:

- fireball - always loved it, simple and effective
- freeze pulse - same as above, even though I made several build using the skill
- ball lightning - I really like the looks of it, but I would have to have lmp with it, using single BL is just not cool with me
- storm call - hmm, maybe, I haven't play around with it, so its not for me decide is it good or not, it does look alright.

So now that I got this out of the way, here is what I have to work with:

They are far from perfect, but will try to 6s/5l the staff and same for chest

My basic tree plan:
Non- crit (aka low crit, just enough to keep up elemental overlaod up)

Crit version (Mostly the same as non crit, but dropping elemental overaload and grabbing more crit nodes):

I'm really tempted to do a lightning ball build, but so far every one I tired was a disaster.
I know FP is always nice and can be good, but I'm tempted to do a fireball build, with maybe 1-2 rolling flames (that unique jewel).

So that why I'm here. I'm looking for suggestions on spell choice and skills tree choice to make something really fun to play with the items I already have.
I hope you guys could help me out a bit, as you may have a completely different look at this.

Thanks in advance and happy hunting!

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