[2.2] Lowlife Contatigon/Essence Drain - Hc Viable

Hello :)

I made this build because i thought there is none, today i discovered, that one day before i made this build, klinolol made one which is way more detailed.
Link to his build guide

First of all, this build is not for the purpose to follow this blind. It does not explain every detail, because i want people to make their own thoughts if something else might be better.
That is the best way to archive knowledge about a build in my opinion.

I have made a lowlife essence drain character in standard and its going pretty well, therefore i thought, i might share it.

The build focus on being very tanky and still having a good clear speed.
On my current setup i have 10k es and cursing enemies via blasphemy with enfleeble and temporal chains.
The reason why i made this build is, that i wanted a good build to use to get closer to level 100.
I cleared all maps but core yet ( i will attemp it soon ).


> Very Tanky
> Fast
> High Damage
> All map mods but Blood Magic possible
> Fun to play


> You cannot run blood magic mods
> Only good in Single Player, in groups you can be a supporter by swapping Abyssal Cry in.
> Curse Immune mobs can be dangerous

Bandit Choices
Kill all 3 times.

Passive Tree


You might wonder why i use Auxium. Thats simple, i get all the required resistances from other pats of the gear and therefore i can get almost immune to freeze by auxium.

Gem Setup


5L: Essence Drain > Pierce > Rapid decay > Controlled Destruction > Void Manipulation
6L: 5L and Empower

It is also possible to use Slower Projectiles in place of any of these gems, but this makes the projectile really slow and it is not really benefitial for clearspeed

I am using vaal clarity for boss fights and for low or no regen maps


Atziri is a joke.
Uber Atziri might be possible, attempted it once yet but i failed at atziri.

If you got any Questions or suggestions, feel free to post them here :)
IGN: Terralax
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Added village ruin and atziri run video

Atziri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKMj_E7J8GU
Village ruin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BlaEZzpgRg
IGN: Terralax

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