Skill Reveal - Summon Lightning Golem

The Lightning Golem's primary spell is a ranged lightning projectile, so it won't get as close as other Golems, making it easier to keep alive. It will occasionally place orbs of lightning near enemies, zapping them repeatedly. It will also use its own temporary aura skill, adding a small amount of extra lightning damage to nearby allies' attacks and spells. While you have a Lightning Golem summoned, it'll grant you increased attack and cast speed.

The Lightning Golem's aura makes it great for characters with other minions as it'll boost your whole army's power when the aura is active, in addition to laying down more reliable damage than other golems (especially to single targets). The Golem also lets a Lightning Elementalist make full use of the Liege of the Primordial skill to increase Lightning damage

Here is a video of the Golem using its skills in combat:

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hi mom
Great ! I'll definitely be trying out this golem with all my builds.
Can you link the gem in the main post ? What color is it going to be (blue I guess) ?
How much of a buff is it going to provide ? So many questions !
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Now I have to decide between stone golem and lightning.
Awesome sauce
Yes, finally!
How original
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌

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