[2.2][ASS][Hipster Build] CoC Ligthning Warp - Assassin going crazy

If I talk about "teleporting from enemy to enemy while killing them", you probably think of Flicker Strike. Well this isn't the only build that can do it.

Cast on Crit Ligthning Warp (CoC LW).
This seems like a silly idea, and that's why someone had to try it.

We will use Split Arrow to proc CoC, and Lightning Warp. We will be at close range... with Chin Sol (100% more damage at close range) and Point Blank (50% more damage at close range) for a x3 multiplier.
Thanks to the Assassin Ascendancy, Chin Sol will be able to be a good crit weapon.
We will also use Blackgleam and The Three Dragons to shock, and do a full fire conversion with burning arrow for our single target.
As Lightning warp delay is based on our move speed, it will be rather short.

------- Core of the build -------

Ligthning Warp will not give us our damage, it's usefulness comes from the way it worked when linked with CoC : it teleports you next to an enemy. Yes, it's dangerous. In short: you will die.
But can we take advantage of it? Chin Sol and Point Blank are the obvious answer. As we have to crit, we will have to use an Assassin and rely on Deadly Infusion to make of Chin Sol a crit weapon.

With Chin Sol, the obvious choice for single target would be puncture traps. However, our attack speed would be lost.
As we are in a hipster build, the obvious choice choice is thus... Burning Arrow. As we are trying to stack more multiplier, the 185% multiplier of Burning Arrow is rather nice to have.

Physical converted to elemental damage has excellent scaling support gems, we finish our full conversion with Blackgleam. It isn't a waste : as we don't want to pierce (we'll se this later in the discussion about how to proc LW), Drillneck would be a waste. A good phys quiver would cost a lot, without being much better.

For our CoC setup (and so our multi-target damage), we may have some hesitation between Tornado Shot with GMP or Split Arrow and Chain. But, we are firing at point blank, TS is better to clear on the whole screen, not to hit the closest enemies. And, Chain will help us hitting more than one close enemy with our arrows.

On top of all of this, we add The Three Dragons Helmet: it will make our fire damage shock. It is an excellent thing: ignite wouldn't be good with this build, while shocking will increase our damage (we shock enemy at long range, teleport, and kill them at close range). It can also increase the damage of burning arrow.

With these three items, we have the basis of our build.
tl;dr: Chin Sol, Point Blank, The Three Dragons, Blackgleam. Split Arrow + CoC + Lightning Warp for multi-target, Burning arrow + moar damage for single target.

All of these items are cheap, you can easily find good rolls, or even good corrupts.

------- Skill Tree and Ascendancy-------

For Assassin, we will first fo to Unstable Infusion, then Deadly Infusion. Finally, we will take Ambush. All three nodes are useful.

Unstable Infusion will give you and make you keep your power charge. As you will probably have no more than 75% crit chance, and as Unstable Infusion is on a per hit basis, you average 10-15 hits by split arrow use will be enough to keep up to 5 power charges.

Deadly Infusion is one of the core of the build. Without it, it is nearly unplayable (I try to make this work since some times). Without this node, you will reach at most 40-ish% crit chance, not enough to be reliable.

Ambush will give you 95% crit chance against enemy at full life, id est enemy far from you. Thus having huge chance to proc LW.

Our skill tree will be nearly the same as any phys crit bow user. We will add a bit of elemental damage because our single target has full conversion, and because penetration is good.

Level ~30 tree
You mostly take life and damage. You will respect out of the bow wheel to take more crit a bit later, but when levellng, this is useful. If needed, you have a +30 Str and a +30 Int on the way. Split arrow is a good leveling skill, and burning arrow is already great for single target. Is you can find a Storm Cloud, it can help you for a long time.

Level ~50 tree
Around level 50, you will respect your bow Wheel, and begin going into crit. If you find a good crit bow, use it, but Infractem is also a good choice. You can use Chin Sol as soon as you kill Cruel Izaro and have the level requirement, but it may still be a bit early.

Level ~70 tree
You will begin to be able to sustain Blood Rage, and you shoud already be using Chin Sol there. Now, your remaining point will be used to increase your life, to cover Int/Str, or to increase your damage with the bow wheel.

My Skill Tree. My jewels are far from being excellent, I even use Inspired Learning because I find it fun. I like Arrow Dancing, as it helps against long range attacks (which are not affected by enfeeble)
tl;dr: Assassin is perfect for us, and we use a common crit phys bow build.

------- Bandits -------
Normal: Kraityn, except if you manage to max out your resistance without him, in this case go to Oak.
Cruel: Kraityn will give you some attack speed. A skill point is not bad either, but phys damage is rather meh.
Merciless: Alira, for Assassin's Power charge HYPE!

------- Gear Overview -------

My gears:


Chest: Daresso's Defiance gives us power charges. Lightning Coil (is you can afford it and balance your resistance) would also be a good choice.

Boots: Atziri's Step are probably BiS. You want movement speed, for reducting the duration of lightning warp. And, you already have spell evasion. And, you want life.

Gloves, Maligaro's are a good choice. Facebreakers or Shadow and Dust would also fit ; if needed, it is probably the slot where you could add a rare to get some resistance and more life.

Belt: A belt with life/resist/life is all you need here. You can also take some damage, armour, or if needed some strength.

Jewellry Your jewellry will probably be used to reach you 155 str/int, and cap your resists. if possible, get some life and crit chance, but resists have priority.

Flasks: One instant life flask is mandatory (probably Hallowed, as you kill a lot what is important is life per charge), and you will often need mana. A Hybrid Flask is thus a good idea. You will also need a Quicksilver Flask, with + Movement Speed, to make LW faster. Finally, you will need some defense.
As you have nearly no armor, and despite the 50% multiplier of Acrobatics, a granite flask will be the most useful against what will usually kill you: lots of small hits. A Basalt Flask is a good idea against bosses and for dangerous situation, but it consumes more charges.
You will try to have as much surgeon's prefix as possible (except for the instant flask). You need an anti-bleed, and maybe an anti-freeze (against strongboxes). Increased armour on granite is a good thing to have, but not mandatory.

Jewels: Attack Speed is the most useful stat, the crit multi. Having one or two +mana gained on hit jewels is a life changer.

tl;dr: Chin Sol, 3 Dragons, Blackgleam, Daresso's Defiance, Atziri's Step, and then cap your resist (if you can, add something fun).

------- Links -------

Multi-Target: Split Arrow + CoC + Lightning Warp + Chain.
If you manage to get a 5L, add Innervate: it will give you more attack speed (and so more teleportations), but onslaught will also increase your damage with burning arrow. For a 6 Link... I have no idea yet. I don't think Increased Critical Strikes would be a good choice, as we would not generate charges any more. The best would probably be Faster Attacks.
It is better to have this in a 5L and the single target in a 4L than the reverse. However, for 6L, the single target is better (you really need to kill bosses fast), while you can keep your 5M multi-target for a good time.

Single Target: Burning Arrow + Weapon Elemental Damage + Elemental Focus + Fire Penetration.
You will add Added Fire Damage in a 5L, and Physical Projectile Attack Damage in a 6L.
Fire Penetration is great, it makes you able to run fire resist maps.

Aura and Curses: Blasphemy + Enfeeble is mandatory for maps. You will always be next to enemies, they have to be cursed. As you will use a lot of mana, you can only add one more aura. I like Herald of Ash, to finish off enemies and still have ~50% mana, but Hatred might also somehow fit (maybe Grace with Iron Reflexes).

CWDT: As you will gain endurance Charges with Daresso's Defiance, CWDT+Enduring Cry is a no-brainer.

Movement: I really like Flame Dash - In fact, I would like to make a CoC Flame Dash, if there was no charge. It's still you best choice : an instant teleport out of danger, that can be used three times. Blink arrow is good, but you will die against Bloodline monsters with [element] bearers : You will Blink out, but if one of your LW triggered in the middle of the orbs just before, you will be re-teleported there. With Flame Dash, you can flee another time. With Blnk Arrow, you die.
This situation happens a lot (that's why this build is very dynamic to play).

Misc: Blood Rage is excellent, you leech enough life to sustain it. Vaal Grace is good because you already have 46% dodge and spell dodge. Vaal Haste would also be a good idea. Decoy Totem will help you survive against some boss and in dangerous situations.
Multi-Target:Split Arrow + CoC + Lightning Warp + Chain (+ Innervate)
Single Target: Burning Arrow + Weapon Elemental Damage + Elemental Focus + Fire Penetration (+ Added Fire Damage +Physical Projectile Attack Damage)
Aura and Curses: Blasphemy + Enfeeble, Herald of Ash
CWDT:: Immortal Call
Movement:: Flame Dash
Misc: Blood Rage, Decoy Totem, Vaal Grace/Haste

------- Map Mods -------
You can run most map mods, but must keep some attention:

Some will give you problems, but you should still be able to run the map without great change:
- Small Fire resistance
- Blood Magic (no Blasphemy)
- Curse Immunity (no Enfeeble)
- Physical Reflect (you will have to replace Innervate with Physical to Lightning).

Some will give you huge problem:
- Ele reflect (either totally change you quiver and single target skill, or forget the map)
- Damage mods on red maps (one shot party, you can do it, but it's dangerous)
- Beyond (If you are not ready to burning arrow there face, you are killed by most beyond bosses)

Volatile [element]blood will be very annoying, especially if they also have an ele reflect mod. With one skill, you kill yourself, with the other, you teleport next to them.
Boss dealing Chaos damage will be very dangerous, except is you manage to get more than -60% chaos resist (or if you kill them fast enough).

------- Pros/cons -------

+ Hipster
+ Fun, you must always keep attention, you always meet new situations
+ You can do a lot of map mods
+ It's fast, you have a lot of DPS (I reach 75.000 tooltip single target - 10.000 multi-target when on full charges, and you must add shock and a x3 multiplier (so a x4.5))
+ You can do it for cheap - some chaos (I use legacy Surgeon's because I have them, but it would work without these flasks)
+ You can custom a lot of things - quiver, single target and multi target skill... maybe it works with wands?
+ You look like a christmas tree because of your 14 charges.

- Hipster
- Unfair, you will die an you won't be able to do anything against it
- You cannot do all map mods
- You don't one shot everything, and are not a tank at all
- You must use specific unique items
- I cannot guarantee you it's the best way to play CoC LW
- You look like a christmas tree because of your 14 charges.

------- The Evil Sheet Stats -------



Offense without charges

Offense with charges and onslaught

Inspired Learning gave no bonus for these screenshots
Base Movement speed is ~40%, but it reaches ~130% with quicksilver flask and onslaught (so most of the time) giving a very short lighting warp.

------- Videos-------

Springs Map run. T11 the highest level maps I can do rather safely (and still, safely is 96 hp in the boss fight here).

A Labyrinth Run, just to see how it works there

I haven't tried Atziri since the launch of 2.2 (and, in 2.1 I used all the portals to kill the lieutenants). I think it can kill her, but a puncture trap version would be much more effective. This build is more made for relaxed mapping.

I'm waiting for your comments, and if you try something close to this, I would be glad to have some returns.
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