Chilly burn spark (technically finite dps)

This is a non-crit Spark build that does mostly burning damage and scales damage with hypothermia. That makes sense, right?

How does this work? Elemental conflux gives 100% chance to shock, chill, and ignite. The duration is based on the total damage rather than the damage of the associated element.


Very fast solo clear speed.
Great survivability.
Dual curse.
3-4 Auras.
High mobility.

Does much less damage without elemental conflux (haven't killed recently).
Does less damage in prolonged boss fights (but usually kills map bosses in a few seconds).
Can't do blood magic maps.
Does less damage against mobs immune to elemental status effects.


5L: Spark, lightning penetration, controlled destruction, pierce, hypothermia.
The more multipliers from two of these supports double-dip, applying to both initial damage and burn damage.

6L: Vaal Spark or increased duration or spell echo or faster projectiles.
Spell echo unfortunately has its 10% less damage double-dip as well, but it is still probably the next best dps option. Increased duration and faster projectiles serve a similar purpose, extending the range on your sparks, with 100% pierce this is effectively more dps.

Discipline, Arctic armor, Grace, Vaal discipline.
Link Vaal discipline with increased duration, put the other 3 in Alpha's howl.

Orb of storms (or Herald of thunder if you are lazy), Curse on hit, Projectile weakness, Elemental weakness.

You can switch in Temporal chains and/or Enfeeble for more safety.

Flame dash, Faster casting.

Cast when damage taken, immortal call, arctic breath, greater multiple projectiles.


This build completely revolves around the Elementalist ascendancy.
Choose Shaper of desolation, Beacon of ruin, then Paragon of calamity.
These give Elemental conflux and Elemental proliferation.

Passive Tree

I picked up very few nodes which increase spell/elemental damage because I get more than enough on gear. The only damage nodes that are important to get on the tree are pierce, increased duration, elemental overload, frenzy charge, and cast speed.

The rest of the points can all go into defense and utility.

Elemental equilibrium does not have much of a drawback since I get up to 47% lightning penetration. The negative fire resistance is very important for the burning damage since I don't have any fire penetration.


Emberwake is the key piece of the build as ignites can stack up very fast. Spark can be cast about 3 times per second, each cast of spark can hit each enemy once every .3 seconds, and with beacon of ruin each ignite spreads to nearby enemies.
The Taming combos very nicely with Emberwake, and is enough increased damage for the build by itself.

The most important stats on the wand are projectile speed, cast speed, and added damage to spells (not fire since has a negative effect with Elemental equilibrium, only added lightning is compatible with EE if you play with a party). Mana regeneration and spell damage are also nice to have.

It is very important to get reduced flask charges used on the belt. The 20% leech from Vessel of Vinktar is one of the strongest aspects of the build along with the mitigation from a basalt flask and Rumi's concoction.


DPS varies greatly and depends on a lot of factors.

Lets assume I have 300% total increased elemental projectile damage including damage from The Taming.
My damage multipliers are:
increased spark damage: 4
increased burning damage: 3.2**
controlled destruction: 1.44
hypothermia: 1.44*
pierce: 1.29*
elemental overload: 1.4*
frenzy charges: 1.2*
total spark multiplier: 18
total burn damage multiplier: 11

*These multipliers apply twice, to the spark projectile damage and the burning damage. See
**This multiplier applies to the burn damage but not the initial spark damage.

Average damage on level 20 spark with some added flat damage from wand is about 500.

That is 500*18 = 9000 initial damage per spark projectile.

Ignite deals 20% of that damage per second for 5 seconds (with 30% increased duration from ascendancy).

That is 11*9000 = 100k damage from each ignite.

If the enemy is shocked and cursed with projectile weakness, burning damage is multiplied by 4.

At 3 casts per second and 2.1 second duration, each enemy can be hit by a spark projectile up to 21 times (although 5 might be a better estimate) per second, and each ignite spreads to nearby enemies. Here it becomes a bit pointless to actually calculate.

So gather a group of mobs around a boss and see how fast it melts.


You could try going low-life with this build to fit in more auras at the cost of a high energy shield. I advise this route if you play with a party.

You could also try going life instead of energy shield although I don't think it would be quite as strong.

This build is still a work in progress but it has been very strong so far. All feedback is appreciated!

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I was following your build until it got here

Ignite deals 20% of that damage per second for 5 seconds (with 30% increased duration from ascendancy).

Controlled destruction doesn't affect burning damage and Emberwake gives 80% reduced burning damage so the ignite will deal 11 times the damage of the spark projectile.

That is 100k damage from each ignite.

I don't understand how your math works here, I have little to no experience using ignites for damage or anything so I just don't know how this reads out.

What I'm reading is

Spark hits for 9000 per spark projectile
Ignite deals 100% of the damage over 5 seconds
Controlled Destruction doesn't affect the damage and Emberwake reduces it by 80%, so the ignite does... 11 times the damage of the spark projectile.

Why does it do 11 times the damage? What causes it to do that much more damage? I just don't get it, could you explain please?
I edited the math section to clarify. Most of the damage multipliers double-dip, applying to the initial hit and again to the burning damage. In the example, spark does 18 times its base damage, and the ignite does 11 times the initial damage of the spark projectile.
Emberwake makes ignites deal 80% less damage, not 80% reduced damage, worth mentioning this, as well as base ignite duration being 4 seconds, not 5.

Also, im curious, how do you get 3.2x inc burning damage, without significant investment in your tree?
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Ah, I misread Emberwake, so that would reduce the damage quite a bit, although the potential is still very high.

Base ignite duration is 4, but the elementalist has 30% increased duration of elemental status effects.

The increased elemental/projectile damage is just an estimate which I think is fairly conservative, it can vary a lot with the taming based on the pack density and some other factors.
Hyo, i made a build with my BV that ended with ~14m dps after following calculation ^^ build guide is not up yet but im working on it.
135 base damage lvl20 gem
80%=108 add fire/The Signal Fire
243 total base damage

263% increased Dmg Skilltree
16% increased Spell-Dmg Skilltree
40% increased Dmg Supportgems
35% increased Dmg Taiming/Emberwake
51% increased Dmg Jewel
40% increased spell/phys Dmg Jewel
78% increased dmg Fire Golem
(12%) damage over time Jewel
521% Totaler % increased Dmg

1.509,03 dmg after % Increased damage

-10% less Damage
59% more Spell-dmg Supportgems
40% more Elemental Skilltree

3.023,191~ dmg after %less/more damage

2/s base cast/s
5% increased cast speed Skilltree
20% increased cast speed onslaught flask
7% increased cast speed emberwake
18% increased cast speed Lightning Golem
50% total % increased cast speed

3 cast/s nach % increased cast speed

71% more cast speed

5,13 cast/s nach more% cast speed

15.508,97 ~ total tooltip dps

6.045,382 ~ total damage per blade/s

5s baseduration

45% increased skill effect duration skilltree
74% increased skill effect duration supportgem
119% total increased skill effect duration

10,95s total skill effect duration

56,17~ (50) possible blades up

302.269,1 ~ True Dps (Without ignite/taiming)

100/s ignite stacks

3s 300 ignite stacks

150 average ignitestacks in those 3 seconds

19.677,515 ~ total damage per blade/s

983.875,750 ~ True Dps during ramp up (without ignite)

300 ignitestacks after 3 seconds

35.255,953 ~ total damage per blade/s

1.762.797,67 ~ True dps with full ignite stacks (without ignite)

2.644.196,51 ~ True dps with full ignite stacks and shock (without ignite)

-42% fire resis curse
38% fire penetration support gem
80% total fire res shred

4.759.553,71 ~ True dps with full ignite stacks on enemys with 0 fire res

2.776.406,33 ~ True dps against full ignite stacks on enemys with 75% fire res


0.5%/s base ignite damage/s
0.1%/s ignite damage/s after emberwake

493% increased burn dmg from stuff
70% increased burn dmg skilltree
563 total increased burn dmg

0,663%/s burn dmg after increased burn dmg

-10% less dmg support gem
40% more dmg skilltree

0,835%/s ~burn dmg after less/more burn dmg

250,614%/s ~burn dmg with 300 ignite stacks

9.959.970,126 ~burn dmg/s against enemys with 0 fire res

14.719.523,836 ~total dps against enemys with 0% fire res

5.795.746,213875 ~burn dmg/s against enemys with 75% fire res

8.572.154,54 ~total dps against enemys with 75% fire res
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