[2.2] Champion Elemental Crash


Must have: Marohi Erqi
Nice to have: Lightning coil / Carcass jack / Kaom's heart

Lv91 tree

Ascendancy Chmpion with Fortitude and Inspirational.
Bandit: Oak Kraityn Kraityn

Ice crash + Melee phys + Phys to light + Wepon ele + Added fire + Elemental focus => in Marohi erqui
Enlighten + Hatred + Blasphemy + Warlord mark
CWDT (lv1) + Immortal call (lv3) + Blood rage (lv7) + Increase duration
You can manage another 4L and a 6L (Leap slam / Vengeance / Golem / ...)

>120k dps
5,7k Life
50% phys reduction (with 6 endurance) + 30% from legacy coil

You shatter thing around with 6 endurance + 5 frenzy. Just don't even try elemental reflect maps.
Beware that you'll need Warlord mark to sustain mana, since there's no other way to leech mana from elemental damage (you'll do 0 physical damage). So if you try curse immune map swap Added fire with Blood magic.
Last bumped on Apr 8, 2016, 11:33:27 AM
Any toughts? Nobody?
Still no comment?
Screenshots / videos would help promote your build.

That being said EQ is all the rage atm so doubt anyone will be playing ice crash.
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