Ele buzzsaw crit

Dual wield
Hello, I've been making this character for the past 2 weeks, thought I'd share what I've got so far. It's a really cheap build.

I've used a tabula until 90, it's perfectly fine if you cannot afford a coil. A 5-linked coil is fine but it will lower your dps a lot.



You'll be using all kinds of variations. Whatever fits your style you will keep.
I'm mostly using: Spectral throw - Increased critical strikes - Weapon elemental damage - Added lightning damage - Greater multiple projectiles - Added cold damage
That's a 6link.
If you're using a 5link you'll want to drop the Added cold damage.
If you don't have high attack speed swords, you'll drop Added cold damage for Faster attacks.
If you don't like added cold damage use Faster attacks, it's fun aswell. But your mana sustain will not be happy.
Ohter links are
-> Empower - Wrath - Blood rage - Ice golem
-> Increased duration - Vaal haste
-> Cast when damage taken - Increased duration - Immortal call
-> Whirling blades - blood magic - faster attacks - Fortify
-> Herald of ice - curse on hit - assassin's mark
But again, you can use whatever you want.


The defenses aren't that great, I'm playing SC Perandus currently, didn't think I'd need defenses.
You can drop some of the dps to get a lot tankier. The build relies a lot on life leech. As long as you're attacking, you will not be killed.
I have bought a Lightning Coil recently which helps a lot.
A 5-linked coil is decent aswell if you cannot afford a 6link one.


I haven't paid anything too much for these but the coil. Like I said using a tabula is not bad, it's just not perfect. You could go for 5l Coil.
Swords costed me 15c each
One of the rings was 5c, other one i found myself.
Amulet was 5c.
You can use a rare helm for 5c instead of rat's nest, if you don't have enough for rat's nest.
Gloves are 2c.
Boots were 4c, no need for movespeed whatsoever. You have whirling blades.
I got the belt for 20c aswell. Overall cheap.

Damage tooltips



-High clear speed
-You can dodge heavy boss attacks easily with whirling blades
-Boss killer build
-Atziri is a joke


-Not that HC viable
-Expensive to perfect gear
-WED on gear expensive
-Not open-area maps are hard to clear with whirling blades
-Ele reflect is still a problem
-Not Uber-Atziri viable until tens of exalts are spent

Video examples

I will be updating this thread with time, as for now it'll be as it is.
Contact me in-game @Zeno

One hand + shield

Bandits for both of them are: Oak -> Krait -> Krait
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some insights on how to choose ele weapons?
anytlme wrote:
some insights on how to choose ele weapons?

Look for 1.9+ attack speed onehanded swords with high edps. Look for open crafting spots for crit chance, that way it should be cheap. My swords currently are both 280ish edps.

Any tips how to level and with what? What path on tree took first?

Thanks in advance ;)
Atziri video added™
I did this build, it was legit strong and now I have a headhunter and 50ex in gear and currency! Thanks a lot, will recommend! +1
"gloves are 2c"

you owe me 11c bitch
How the hell do you survive to reflect lol. I have half the dps and I almost OS myself. btw, 5k hp full capped res.

Why DW since you alternate weapons. Go with a shield and grab some defensive nodes.
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Czerwinsky1 wrote:

Any tips how to level and with what? What path on tree took first?

Thanks in advance ;)

Went down to duelist to take Fury Bolts, life, taking quickstep on the way, Forces of Nature, and Ballistic mastery. You can go to the jewel under acro take that, and the attack speed + dex under it, called acuity aswell. Gives quite a bit damage.

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