The Star of Wraeclast

Last year, our Taiwanese publishing partner, Garena, ran a competition on their realm to design the art for an item: The Star of Wraeclast, a unique amulet that has long been a part of Path of Exile's story. They then let their community vote on the submitted art to determine the winner, and our team created the item based on that artwork. This special unique item will be patched into Path of Exile with the 2.2.2 update, and can be obtained by completing a hidden vendor recipe. This recipe differs between the Taiwanese realm and our realm.

For those who have not delved into Path of Exile's deep backstory, the Star of Wraeclast has passed between the hands of many central figures. You may have even unknowingly had a run-in with one of its victims.

At the height of the Eternal Empire, before the Cataclysm that brought Wraeclast to its knees, the citizens of Sarn would regularly frequent the arena to watch combatants like Daresso disembowel each other for the audience's entertainment. But it was not all hacking-and-slashing; the beautiful voice of one Kalisa Maas served to frame the bloody battles.

"From the very first note, her voice reached into my chest and plucked my beating heart from its cage. By the wide, glistening eyes of my fellow punters, I knew that they felt it too."

Kalisa's voice, enhanced by the power of a massive ruby embedded in her throat -- in fact a potent Virtue Gem -- was able to send chills down your spine, and had she had a more malicious side, perhaps even shatter it like glass.

It is not known how Daresso acquired Kalisa's beautiful ruby -- it is rumoured he had somehow acquired it on a journey into the heart of Wraeclast's wild jungles. How it ended up there is a mystery. What is known is that, in an act to prove his love to Merveil (the envy of all the court maidens) he had the ruby embedded in an exquisite amulet and, as is customary, presented it to her as part of his proposal.

But as with all potent sources of thaumaturgical power, the gem did more than simply enhance one's voice. Merveil became obsessed with it, and extraordinarily protective of it.

"The first sign of warning came at a party, when one of the lady's friends decided to reach out to caress the beguiling stone. The woman's fingers had only brushed the gem, when Merveil screeched and clawed violently at her friend's face."

Merveil's behaviour continued to change. She would wander at night, returning in tatters (sometimes even naked), freezing cold, and smelling of the rotting sea, which was far from her home. Soon, even her beautiful figure began to mutate. By now she carried Daresso's child, but Merveil was less and less the woman Daresso had fallen for every day.

"On a moonless night, with his wife fitfully asleep, Daresso gathered a few light possessions, slipped out into the night, and sailed off from Wraeclast on the midnight tide. Finding him gone in the morning, the last of Merveil's waning sanity appeared to slip away."

Merveil awaited his return at the shore for days, continuing to physically change, living on raw fish she snatched from the waters, and shortly after birthed a monstrous, scaly, tentacled creature. She retreated into the labyrinthine caves along Wraeclast's coast, the Star of Wraeclast still around her throat, and continued to reproduce through some unknown mechanism.

And there she waits. Her voice sings to any who stray too close to her cavernous home, desperately trying to lure her beloved back.

The Star of Wraeclast is no longer in Merveil's possession, however. Intrepid adventurers may be able to acquire it themselves with the right combination of items. Is it worth your while? See for yourself.

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Edit: Illusory Warp, wtf is that.
Sure, the lab can be hard, but it's pretty easy if you're properly geared, and not terrible at the game.
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Wooooooooooooooot! Sick unique =D
Dream with me !
Lightning warp..?
I am a Mirror, I do not exist.
Preemptively bought all the Daresso items.

My body is ready :^)
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Aaaand I want it.
can it be chanced or recipe only?
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blackjack11 wrote:
can it be chanced or recipe only?

Bro its a ruby amulet, where are you gonna get one to chance it?
Awesome to know Merveil's backstory through this unique. I wonder how she lost possession of it when she was so obsessed with it? Can you fill us in?

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