[2.3] Ele BeyBlade, Tank Necromancer ( up to 277k dps )

Hi, it's my first time i write a build, here it's my witch build i use in Perandus league.
Actually i'm lvl 91.

So Here it is :

"The Ele Beyblade Tank"

It's mostly a non crit ELEMENTAL BLADE VORTEX Block build.
Yeap Elemental, because here it's the links : Blade vortex, spell echo, added fire, physical to lighting, controlled destruction and elemental focus

We takes Mistress of Sacrifice for Bone offering,
( 36%block - 35% spell block and a lot of life on block ( 690 ) ), then we takes Spirit Eater, which is a nice boost for our damage, the last two point is what you want ( personally i take the one with chaos res (i only have one aura, on my build))

Passive tree

Here it's the passive tree for lvl 91 :

PS : The Mind over Matter Keystone is actually on testing, it seems good.


For the leveling it's pretty simple, just take the spell damage, go in the start of the templar tree : life + aoe ) and then go directly on the first duration node, after this you can start playing blade vortex. As you can see i don't pick any +30dex point in my tree, take them for leveling ( i used them for a lot of time ).

Blade vortex is good as soon as you can have spell echo on hit, 4L setup : Blade vortex, Spell Echo, Controlled Destruction, Added fire or Aoe or phys to lightning( if ele overload is up to use ).

After this you can have something like this :

The Gear

Here's my gear :
Body Armour :

You can use a tabula rasa, you don't need a 6L chest like this one at all. We want some armour on the chest and if you can a lightning coil would be perfect ( good luck for the 4 blue sockets ).

Helmet :

a +2 minion helm is pretty good for bone offering ( increase the healing and adds a bit more block ), for the enchant here it's probably the best one, but you can take the block chance just under the templar tree, it works really well.

Shield :

I'm using this shield because it offers a lot of good things ( great life, great armour, and great block chance, and it's really cheap ). It's possible to use a rathpith glone if you want ( you loose a lot of armour but you have the amulet of yout choice ).

Amulet :

A Lazhwar, what can i say... ideally a +1 curse, for double blasphemy ( we need essence worm and en enlighten gem for this ) but a +1frenzy and only the warlrods mark is good

Weapon :

120spell damage 12% cast speed, and we can use whirling blade ... and a bit life gain on hit ... what to say, it's fantastic.


Essence Worm is here for freeing up mana, with enlighten and +1 curse lazwhar we can have 2 blasphemy. withtout the amulet you can have 600 mana for mind over matter.

Gloves, Belt, Boots :

Ideally a Elementalweakness on hit corruption on gloves. It's just life, resistance and dexterity.

Flask :

A staunching flask, an atziri promise for bosses, basalt for phys mitigation, and a taste of hate for damage and defense, ( you can use a granite flask, it's really good too ).


My jewels are pretty simple, Life% = Dexterity > Armour = Cast Speed > What you want

Gem Setup + Offensive stat

Helmet, Bone Offering :

Bone offering is our first defence, so we want to use it everytime ( 693life on block ).
I use a Vaal Clarity, Before boss fight, boxes, ( and it increase our Mind over Matter effectiveness, if you use it ), in this setup Vaal Clarity last for 28seconds.

Cast when damage taken:

Tempest shield for the free 3%block, Bloodrage for the "free" 4/5 frenzy and immortal call.

Whirling Blades:

Blasphemy Warlord's Mark and Hatred :

Warlord's mark gives our life leech our mana leech, and our endurance charge, it's just too good. In Curse Immune Map, We use a Clarity gem instead of this. the other curse is up to your choice, without the +1 curse just free up the mana and take Mind over Matter.

Flamedash, Desecrate :

Blade Vortex setup :

I try to find a way too increase the dps output of a non crit blade vortex, and elemental overload + elemental focus makes it really good.

We have 50 physical damage for a base of 156 elemental ( Added Fire, Hatred, Physical to Lightning )
with elemental overload:
50phys 218ele
then elemental focus:
50phys 325ele

Stat with one blasphemy and not max leveled gem ( all 19 ) ( +1frenzy lazwhar )

Stat with 4 Frenzy charge and BladeVortex lvl 20:

3676 damage per blade, up to 50 blades = 183800 Damage per tick ( which is near one second ).
When we're in farm mod, we're around 15 - 20 blades ( 55140 - 73336 )

And with Taste of hate + Atziri's Promise :

5544.5 damage per blade ( 50 blade => up to 277225dps )

We can go higher dps if we use a concentrated effect gem instead of the added fire, for sama colour swap it's physical to lighting, and for ele reflect map+curse immune, maybe we can swap added fire for lifeleech.

Defense :

I'll show you my defence, here's the number :

i'm lvl 92 and at the moment i have :

- 6605 life, 157 mana ( 650 if you use Mind over matter )
- 75%block, 74%spell block, and gaining 693 life on block.
- 9902 Armour and a 0.88s base Immortal Call duration.
- We can have Fortify

Stat at lvl 92
without flask :

with flask up + 3 endurance charge, taste of hate is 26% of physical damage taken as cold:

-Really tanky
-Atziri Viable

-Cheap Build with good damage ( Izaro is a joke with this build if you want to farm the Lab )
You don't need a 6L body armour, a Tabula rase is fine, and a basic lazwhar works too ( +1frenzy isn't really expensive ). The essence worm is for testing actually. it allows me to play Mind over Matter or double curse now

-Can do Elereflectmap
-Just go into Perandus Chest, they can't kill you.
-Insane Amount of duration : 120%. Blade vortex for 11s, Vaal Clarity for 28s, Bone offering without quality up to 19.8s
-Whirling Blades Everywhere

-Blade vortex Aoe isn't the best thing ever
-Take cares of Corrupting blood ( Blade vortex stacks it REALLY FAST )
-Take cares of curse immune monster in Ele Reflect map ( they can be deadly ( use the atziri's promise and it's fine ))

Thx, for watching this. Ask me anything, if you want.

PS : Pro and Cons, We're Hall of grandmasters tankable ( MoM isn't good against them, but without it's really easy to tank them ), But We can't kill a lot of the Aegis Aurora build FeelsBadMan

Edit : Now i have
, so i play without mind over matter, and instead of this i have another blasphemy ( i choose ele weakness, it can be what you want ). i use this link:

Edit 2 : Twinned Daresso map with temporal chain, just facetank the bosses, it was too easy ^^.
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Hey, do you have any gameplay videos?
i will try to had a video, but for this weekend.
When is a good level to start using Blade Vortex? And which gem do you find easiest to level with until that point?
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I was playing with my friend ( it was my first character for this league ).
For leveling i was using fire trap, lightning tendrill and flame totem.

It's easy for leveling, use any good leveling spells ( you get spell damage from tree and if you go in the templar tree it's spell damage + aoe , no specific things )

Blade vortex start to be good when you can have spell echo. ( Blade vortex, spell echo, controlled destruction, faster casting/added fire ). And use Hatred + Clarity.
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Hey! Can you upload gameplay video?
so controlled destruction would not be better than phys to lightning? since its split dmg between phys and lightning shock gives 50% more dmg but they both still have to go through resistance and phys reduction. idk trying to see what is better
I used both controlled destruction and Physical to lightning.

Actually i can't shock because i use elemental focus, which is far better against rare or unique monster.

In terms of damage added fire damage is the support gems that gives the less damage in the 6link ( Blade vortex, spell echo, controlled destruction, physical to lighting, elemental focus, added fire ).
Nice build bro! Doing it on 2.3 and its super tank! Thanks a lot!
Hey, how would you deal with single target in PVP/PVE ? I have some minor mana problems with it.

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