Old dual flame totem build, how would you respec for 2.2?

I've have an old dual flame totem geared character that I've been running for about two years. I've taken a break from this character after 2.0 was released. I want to resurrect this guy but I have no clue how someone would respec for a flame totem centered build with the 2.2 tree and ascendancy builds.

I have found very little 2.2 builds using flame totem. Is flame totem completely out of flavor with 2.2? Is ancestral bond worth taking with the new Hierophant nodes that allow for 2 more totems?

Any discussion or links on a good "flame totem" strategy would be appreciated.
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I don't think the heirophant is good at all. I would personally do something like this

Use a +3 staff and take advantage of serpent stance, then also use elemental focus to synergize with righteous providence and inevitable judgement in the inquisitor tree. I think the damage could be pretty crazy with all the buffs to crit, but I have not played the build myself so someone else may know better.
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