[2.2] Army of Zoom (with Video) - Necromancer SRS, Spectre, Zombie build

Not sure why the passive tree isn't showing the templar area. I would have sworn it used to. The video guide shows dipping into the templar area just as you suggest. I will see if I can fix that. Wonder if that url is wonky? Thanks for noticing.
There were a few errors with the end game passive tree. I have used just a raw URL now.
Thanks for updating the tree, Tholan.
Were the Aura effect increases not performing well, or were they never supposed to be in the build?

Hercanic wrote:

The tree you posted has 123% life, 20 flat life and another 32 from STR. At level 100 you get a base 1238 life. Add the other flat life for 1290 life.


4% life node = 51.6 life (1290 * 0.04)
5% life node = 64.5 life (1290 * 0.05)
40 flat life from Oak = 89.2 life (40 * 2.23)

Now, life on your gear will increase the worth of the 5% node by 5 per 100 hp. If you had 500 life from items, a 5% node would be worth 89.5. Getting that much when you have Bones of Ullr boots, two Essence Worm rings, and Necromantic Aegis will be very difficult (only 6 item slots to get life on). And you probably aren't level 100 yet.

This is why if you are going Life, you take Oak.

Thank you for the math, Hercanic.
I re-ran it for the Tholans updated tree. It was very obvious very fast that Oak is superior for a really long time. I ran some numbers, and I'd need 2000 flat life before taking an additional 5% node outperforms oak. I'll take your word for it that this will be difficult. :)
I initially only had four points into auras. I took them out since I didn't notice an appreciable difference. I felt it was better to invest into the flask nodes for survivability.
And you are absolutely right to take Oak before taking nodes on the life wheel. Since this build relies on flasks a lot I would also take the life flask cluster before taking nodes on the life wheel.
Really enjoying my play through following this guide.

Thanks for this, Tholan
Hey dude, can this be used verbatim for the new path 2.3 prophecy league? Thanks in advance! :O)
Hey Tholan, I have a question about the jewels (and some more). I'm a fairly new player, I have a level 80 character which was my first, but decided to try again with a proper build and ended up here. I have no idea which jewels to use, because the ones I found don't really seem worth it. It's mostly elemental resistances + a bit of cast speed, chance to freeze, increased AoE, or physical damage. I also found one with 15% increased minion damage, but like I said, I don't know the valuables. Are there any jewels you recommend with possible alternatives? I also noticed you left out the first minion damage node which grants 15% increased minion damage. Is it that insignificant?

Also, I play this game with a friend. We run everything together, so would it be beneficial for him to get the keystone with shared frenzies etc?

Thanks in advance.

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